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Personal Success Leads to Glory

Summary: All that you’re striving for is part of a continuum of endeavor. Your personal success now is focused inward. Clear the decks, share the burden of what you’ve been carrying for far too long. The grace in so doing will strengthen you for the glory that is to come. All your successes now may be private, but they will lead you to the spectacular achievement you have been cultivating in your mind.

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Ace of Swords  — Ten of Rods (reversed) — Six of Rods (reversed)

Your personal success paves the way for outward glory, and a clean heart is necessary. Remember, you don't have to bear the burden alone. Share the grace. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Ace of Swords

It’s breakthrough time! Don’t look for massive blastings of debris to shatter the world, however. The breakthroughs now are in your personal space. Right now, you have clarity of mind and singularity of purpose. Even if you are operating on several planes of activity, still, are you not moving toward a singular goal? Your personal success is the name of the game, and that is what’s going to move the whole of reality into a bigger breakthrough. As you progress, holographically so does the whole. Pay attention to ideas that come into your awareness, even if they seem to be at oblique angles to your intent. What arises in your conscious mind now will guide you to pierce the knot that binds the space between the here where you’ve been hard at work and the there where your intent is manifest. All that you’ve been creating in your ideation already has an impact in that world yet to come. Stay on track now, and believe in yourself, and in your ability to surmount any obstacle that presents itself. You have the power to cut through it all.

LODESTONE: Ten of Rods (reversed)

That burden of energy you’ve been amassing over time on this journey has come to some significance. Remember that you don’t have to bear it alone. You are part of a team and you have support. Look at how you are using your energy. Are you struggling under the weight of too much to do on your own, or under the weight of the belief that this is how it is? Sometimes, such a belief can hide itself well in the midst of things to do. Your personal success isn’t necessarily something that you have to be crushed under in the endeavor to make it happen. You’re near the goal. Rather than wilt and falter, allow yourself to delegate and realize that what you’re sharing is the freedom to be fully human. Whether it’s work or the bundle of secrets and hidden scars you’d rather others not see, right now, sharing them will lighten your load and allow grace to come into play. No time for martyrs or secrets, this is a moment to release yourself from sole possession of something that’s not rightfully yours to bear alone. The grace you share comes back to you tenfold.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Six of Rods (reversed)

While you may be on the threshold of public acclaim, for the moment, your achievements are strictly personal. And that’s okay, because your personal success is paving the way for outward glory, and a clean heart is absolutely necessary for that to be on the up and up. What you confront is asking you to redefine your concept of success. Turn inward, and remember that you have companions who are present to help you make it to the grand reveal of glory. In time, that will be. A time of inner recalibration and cleansing will make it sweet and savory. In getting to that point, however, coming clean might mean letting your laurels droop a little. Are you okay with that? It might mean that you have to get comfortable with seeing yourself from a different angle than you’d like to. You might need to think about getting a new wardrobe if you find yourself slipping into the emperor’s new clothes. Don’t worry. You are beloved and understood, embraced and respected. The humanity has to reveal itself to become truly authentic. See what you see on the inside and pay attention there, for a smoother ride into the future that awaits.


“You as human beings can achieve the state of manifestation by practicing romantic, quiet love of your essential personality, roses and all. You must trust yourself completely and raise your vibration so high the nadis and chakras, or filaments and nodes, rotate in spinning spot count and you naturally begin to glow with radiance. Only then can you successfully manifest. Creating from the state of energetic opalescence, light, and near a noble secret of divine duality, rare opals indeed pour forth from your light-encoded sayings of ‘So be it.’”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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    >>and a clean heart is absolutely necessary for that to be on the up and up. << Amen. TY Maryann


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