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Divine Insights into Your Imminent Transformation

Dive deeper… There’s no escape from the soul’s long, hard look at you right now. Stand where you are and swallow your pride. The gaze of the eternal mother is upon you. She already knows what you think you can hide. Like a loving parent, she has been watching your progress while silently noting your inner state of mind. How do you feel before her now? Are you able to see past your own misgivings at things left unsaid, reckonings of disappointment, or disdain? What you face now is not your own mother, but that force of nature that holds the secret scrolls of all mysteries, the singularity of love’s expression that safely guides you through the dangers of polarized being and settles your chaotic mind into the perfect crosshairs of the heart. Set aside what you think you know right now, for the truth is more than you can manufacture the tale of. She’s about to speak.

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Within your own inner knowingness of self, you have a familiarity with the divine. Deeper insights are about to rise to the surface of your awareness, and with them may come a little bit of nervousness, if you’ve been skirting the issue at hand. Divine mind is the fullness of knowing; tap into it from the point of love unadulterated at your core. Only then will you gain access to the mercy of grace that you long have sought but scarcely allowed yourself to believe in. Contrary to what you may think, the space between black and white is not shades of gray, but a brilliance of clarity which brings everything into sharp focus and erases the disparity of separation. That higher knowingness exists simultaneous to deeper insights. At the crux of the seemingly impossible meeting point of oppositional states, behold the mirror that reflects to you your own divine nature. Can you bear it?

The wisdom available to you in this moment is transformational. To enter into it necessitates that you abandon fear of death, for there is little possibility that you would recognize yourself in the aftermath of change. So complete is the alchemical potential before you now. Your challenge is to rise. Your challenge is to release yourself from the ballast that binds you to the cold, hard ground even as it takes on the appearance of downy-soft pillows of familiar modes and methods. They will cease to serve where you are heading. The stringent look you see reflected to you now is your future self gazing into your heart. You cannot hide from yourself. Embrace now the deeper insights that are presented to you. The moment you face is both the end of the road and entry to a new beginning for who you know yourself to be. Out of hiding, now… you know the time has come for integration with yourself.


This post focuses awareness within this week’s Pleiadian Tarot message. Nine’s Path Pleiadian Tarot messages are posted every Thursday, with a follow-up single-card reading for keeping on the path posted the following Monday.

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