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Confident New Life

Summary: Hearts and minds gather in sacred space to witness new life coming to be from outside the dimension of form. Move into the light that meets with another’s vision, knowing that higher intelligence pulses divine understanding into the moment. You are honored for what you carry within. The road ahead is best traveled with trust and a confidence inspired by a clean start and recognition of your own potential. Aim high.

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Three of Cups  — Two of Cups — The Fool

nine's path pleiadian tarot weekly jan 4

New life meets new light, having moved from ideation into form. You are welcome now to open your heart to a fullness of expression that will be honored. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Share on X

FOUNDATION: Three of Cups

You’ve set your dreams in the sky and opened to the come-what-may of time’s play. You’ve sat with a deep inner choice in how to arrange yourself in regard to a choice point. Now that reflection has shown you direction, you’re off, doing what has moved from ideation into form. It’s happening, and you find a gathering of hearts to be the answer you had been looking for. Whatever the question, be it spoken or silent, that you’ve been carrying in your heart, your approach to its call has brought you into a circle of like-minded, consanguine allies. Different as each may be, coming from jaunty angles oblique to your own journey’s trajectory, the shimmering stillness of inner treasure becomes revealed as a perfect match. Revel in this moment of discovery of what’s in the mix; to see one’s own dream held with reverence in the hand of another carries a thrilling secret to life’s vibrant nature. What you are experiencing now with others is precious, yet indestructible as it is crafted of sacred art. Whatever gift you bear, let it blossom. Share and celebrate the beginning of a new life.

 LODESTONE: Two of Cups

Do you trust the partnership you’ve come into? Contrast now melds into complementarity, and the space between merges into a singularity of recognized light. What you have within your own heart is held in honor by another who has met you in the shared space of new life coming from otherworldly emanations of energy. In the form of thought, energetic pulsations come through the sacred conduit of your own being. Come into that well-lit singularity of recognition of yourself as the bearer of the gift of transformation, the master of love’s creative expression. You are welcome now to open your heart to a fullness of expression that will be honored. Trust that, and feel into the new life that tickles within your awareness. Let it allow itself to be understood. Never before has the power of heaven been so perfectly placed for your essence to be featured. Feel the balance on multiple planes of being, and be. Shine and know your light is welcome.


Analysis complete. Results tabulated and reduced to a neat package of understanding, now put away and off to the side. What you’ve learned is part of the path behind you. A higher road beckons now and you’re enthusiastic about where next your feet will lead you. New life meets new light in the way ahead. Do you enjoy the carefree trust of the earth beneath you and the sky above? You are given all you need and carry the full-blown potential of your heart’s desire. What shall you next bring into being? Allow yourself to feel the wind guiding you, the light leading you, and the movement of intention carrying your soul into a new experience. What comes next is best met with an open heart and clear slate. All that has been is done and all that is to be has yet to announce itself. It’s all there, waiting for you to discover it. Carefree is the new mode of confidence. A world is waiting to be born, and you are ready to lead the way. Follow a higher calling.


“If you are confident that the given knowledge is legitimately truthful and sound, then be confident that it is needed by others and meant to be shared. More of your reluctance to be forthcoming with what you judge to be crazy notions of science fiction stems from your past history of seeing bringers of new knowledge punished or cast out of society. Now, however, more of society is on the outside and there is a growing hunger for the truth unedited. Don’t hide your nugget of information. You are a vital part of a human organism that is just waking up on a grand scale. Be confident. Your voice counts.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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