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Pivot Point of Time

Pivot point… Now’s the moment to take a good look at where you have been, where you are, and where you’re going. The now is a pivot point around which your landscape reveals itself. The power it holds is immense, and available to you if you are able to connect with it. The secret of Now is that it is timeless. A gap between what was and what is to be, this sacred moment both grounds you and raises you up. In the appreciation of a pause, as time stands ready to turn, you become an open conduit for those communications from deep within the collective consciousness. Amplify and modulate them as only you can, and let your expression be perfect, clear, and unmistakably bright. In the shadows are those who seek its guidance.

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Take a good, long look at where you’ve been. As tired as you might be feeling, so too are you energized with a luminosity that comes from within. Let this inner light fall upon what you see, as it will illuminate with great precision those aspects of that path which hold the greatest revelations for your journey ahead. By now, you’ve learned to trust that light. You’re coming to the understanding that it is a vital counterpoint to your own mind’s workings. In recognizing this is wisdom. Thus you enter into a cycle of awareness, self-sustaining and metered in an equivalency in perfect synch with the opening of deeper visual acuity. The mechanics of seeing are becoming more tick-tock in nature, a measure of your inner mastery revealed.

How better to maneuver through the pivot point of time’s turn than to anchor yourself into the highest levels of awareness? The hard knocks and enduring lessons of the past have served well in educating you about the rules of the road. Along the way, you’ve creatively manufactured some rules of your own. It is this inspiration from your self-understanding that has raised you out of the morass of the barren stretches of time. Honor that now, and look with love at who you have been. Every ounce of soul that you’ve integrated into the die-hard experience of human beingness is in full service to you now. The way ahead has plenty to reveal. For now, as you stand at the pivot point, let the pulsations of illuminated understanding power the turn into a new direction. The future awaits. Receive the blessing of the past. Divine light beckons.


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    Joyous NY to all reading this ‘comment’. Maryann, TY such a beautiful service to awakening humanity. Your films are much anticipated! much love


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