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Look Forward through Wisdom’s Prism

Summary: Looking forward as time marks a distinct end and beginning point, you feel poised and ready. Recent reflection has sharpened your mind and allowed wisdom to instill hope in a heart that’s been through a long—and ultimately rewarding—journey. Open to what awaits. Time is ticking and things are about to shift. Choose how you want to greet change. Soon, looking backward and looking forward will trigger you to open to transformation. Heartspace is soon calling for your attention. Listen to wisdom’s whisper.

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Queen of Swords  — Ten of Cups — Two of Swords

What do you have to look forward to, when you are led by an open heart? The winds of change are beckoning. You're ready to see what they have in store. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Share on X

FOUNDATION: Queen of Swords

As you stand at the ready, gazing calmly at the tipping-point of the year, know that you have done well in your efforts to clarify your inner state. Recent work examining your beliefs and needs, balancing your mind with the turn of the tide, all has given you the poise necessary to enter the new year with grace. Are you eager to see what the year has in store for you? Indeed, you have already called into stages of formation those realities you wish to experience. You have also gained the power afforded by silencing the interior monologue and focusing on the now-moment. Thus have you anchored yourself well in the steadiness of mind to empower you to look forward in confidence. Open your hand. What you have to receive you have already been endowed. Allow thought to be filled with the light of self-trust and awareness now. The window is wide open and the expanse before you is ready for the color you have within to fill it, enrich it, and give it life. The winds of change are beckoning. You’re ready to see what they have in store.

 LODESTONE: Ten of Cups

What do you have to look forward to, when you are led by an open heart? The landscape barren and empty can be behind you in an instant, simply by turning to face the open sky. Potential is uncountable. What you have may already be such a part of you that you cannot consider it to be something you have gained. At this moment when the concept of exit and entry is in the spotlight, allow the bend of wisdom’s lens fill your vista with love’s discovery. Wisdom finds love in all things; now, you have recognized how to use your heart to see. All things are possible, so set your sights high and give your heart fully to allowing possibility to impress you. Create the picture and leave some space around it to be filled in as time brings you closer to home. There’s no reason why things can’t be looking up right now, nor that you should behold anything but open skies in prismatically aligned perfection. Go ahead with the feelings you have carried and let them open up around you. If you have nothing but hope to hold onto right now, align with it and look forward to what your heart shows you, written in divine symbols, illumined with love.


One thing that’s true about the future is that you can’t fully appreciate it until you get there. The future is arriving fast, encroaching on the edge of your seemingly solid reality now. You may choose to remain in the dark about its approach. That is certainly a valid choice as you sit where you are now positioned, facing for one last moment the memory of what has been the path that brought you here, now. Of course, you are just as free to turn and greet the rising tide, to take stock of atmospheric conditions, to gauge your journey by where you are in the cycles of time. Part of you is being pulled in that direction, anyway. Soon, time will take no prisoners. It will engulf you in change. Glean what you can from silent reflection on what it is, exactly, that’s got you shielding your heart. What is your mind whispering from the shifting winds as it whistles around the edges of thought? Pay attention to the moment. Connect in the timelessness of the heart’s awareness. In just a little while, looking back will be no different than looking forward. You’ll have to choose how you wish to go. Listen. Wisdom is speaking.


“Our appearance now, at this critical juncture in time, is a life-and-death mission. You are precariously perched on the edge of several possible realities, one of which involves our interaction with events designed to lead to your annihilation, and one of which that leads to a mass awakening to the reality of your own divinity.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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