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Feel Your Power as Time Shifts

Empower yourself… The ties that bind can hide in plain sight. The connections you’ve held for the sake of tradition, habit, and duty might finally feel like they’ve held you long enough. Staked within a circle of doing what’s right and expected, while having had its merit to guide you to grow straight and strong within a set of ethics, might seem to be a prison of sorts. Be that as it may, you have nevertheless used the influences of the past to your own benefit. All that has held you in a pattern sometimes difficult to bear has served its purpose. You have grown straight and strong, and you have lately grown past the need for such a stringent set of circumstances as history has given. Your inner sight has guided you into the depths, altered your perspective, and guided you true. Through trusting yourself, you’ve found your way, and the scent of freedom is in the air. Feel the power it communicates. Honor, recognize, and release yourself.

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While you come to understand the culmination of teachings presenting and opportunity to test and trust, remember the roots from which you yourself have come to be. Feel your power fusing with this moment. There is a pattern of intelligence that you are encountering extending beyond the semblance of thought-patternings you’ve come to rely on to get you through experiences meaningfully. What have you experienced outside of the lessons you’ve learned? What can you now bring into inner focus that you have before discounted, overlooked, or wanted to disbelieve? Bring what you have resisted into the final accounting. Just put it into the mix and see how things settle. You may find it to be the cord that unties the most ancient of bindings. Use your inner awareness, for it may be so delicate in comparison to the solidity of all other things you know that it’s easy to disregard. Seek out that elusive thought. You’re well placed now to find it, and once found to latch onto the significance.

All your senses are heightened when you still your physical movement within the still point of thought. Allow your understanding to assemble itself around you and find yourself motionless. In truth, that which you thought was keeping you held in place now loosens its hold, as you feel your power integrate on inner planes. This is the time, quite literally, to pull yourself together. Feel the distance between you and your thoughts, between who you have thought yourself to be and your beliefs. Notice that there’s space around you; the absolutes that were given to you to accept no longer interfere with your emergent expression of self. The way out of what held you is before you now. The future magnetizes you. Perhaps it is time itself that calls. Release is at hand. Color fades from the past as the moment floods you with vibrance. Prepare to emerge.

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