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Bring Calm to a Moment of Awareness

Summary: Bring calm to the moment, as undercurrents rise to the surface. You’re becoming adept at finding the still point in the machinery of duality. Claim that and bring it to the root of the matter. Ground that divine energy you’re plugged into, and reflect what you carry inside to those around you. True magic happens when that immortal love is shared. You’re outside the boundary now, anyway, and there’s plenty of the magic of life to embrace. Be present, powerful, peaceful.

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Two of Pentacles  — The Magician — Six of Cups

Pleiadian Tarot

Bring calm to the turbulent waves now coming to shore. Change has opened up infinity where boundaries had been keeping the status quo. Expand, embrace. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Two of Pentacles

What looked like smooth sailing is suddenly taking a turn on seas newly alive with movement. The undercurrents are starting to be felt at the surface, giving a new perspective to those on board. If you’ve climbed on to chart a new course, you’re in for some activity, as a sea change brings your field of vision sharply upward from the horizon. Stay steady, and keep your senses focused. Your inner vision is going to guide you to a still point, where you can function more sensibly. Right now, you may be juggling what’s left to do in the creation of a new engine to pilot your dreams. What once may have had you in a tizzy now seems like a simple enough matter. Reflect on that a moment, and see if you can tune into the growing sense of mastery over the elemental chaos that is at the heart of life’s movement through transformation. Listen to the machinery of nature right now. Longest hours are at hand with the turn of the solstice tides of time. Let the rosy light that lingers in the background of a fading epoch give you delight. Turn toward the nascent point of creation that takes form in your hands. You can create anything now that you’ve taken another step toward mastering the mystery of duality’s infinite potential. What do you envision? Let it be a gift to bring calm to the turbulent waves now coming to shore.

 LODESTONE: The Magician

With the simplicity of one steeped in the mysteries of infinity, you have the power to bring calm to the world of form. Recent events have given a new twist to your higher mind’s basic structure, breaking limitations and opening what perhaps had been sensed but up to now never directly experienced. Now, you’ve entered into new territory. You’ve unlocked the passage to higher understanding, and more, you’ve got a direct line into the secrets now ready for you to receive. Initiate, reveal what you carry within. Use the tools at your disposal to bring into being what you intuit from on high. You have earned the right to stand and deliver. It is not death, but life, that you serve. Lead the thoughts that settle before you into a deep dive to root-level honesty. Real growth is possible now, and in fact cannot be averted. Harnessing the power of life is not as mighty as entraining yourself with its infinitude. Understand the nature of transformation and stand in your clarity as a guide for those seeking balance. Be that which demonstrates divinity in form. Get grounded, and reflect the divine with an open heart.


The infinite power of loving-kindness cannot be thwarted, for it is the nature of the human heart’s home when peace is finally embraced as the status quo. You’ll reach that point of balance between the dreams you’ve thus far nurtured and those which have yet to reach their potential. You bring magic to everything you do when you bring calm to the hearts of those around you. In the days to come, recognize what you have gained, and treasure what remains close to your heart. Celebrate the fullness not of what’s inside the walls of property and place, but what you have discovered by stepping outside the boundary you’ve discovered. Growth happens with expansion, and expansion allows new growth to propagate life’s miracle of being, beauty, and joy. Let the simplicity of that be your point of attention, and watch what comes into view. Share love. You have plenty.


“You are creating peace on multiple levels of being when you find peace in a single moment regarding a single moment’s treasures. If you continue to maintain your awareness of peace within the world of duality, of illusion, you will eventually come to the place in which you emerge from the old and take a deep breath of the new.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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