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Reflect on Your Own Worth

You’re worth it… Without a doubt, you pour love into everything you do. Are you doing that to your own detriment right now? There’s a fine line between doing and over-doing, when it comes to chasing down those finer things in life. Lately, you’ve been doing, thinking, giving, expending energy on making sure that others feel valued, appreciated, and happy. Right now, while you’re taking a breath from the work you’ve been intent on, reflect on your own worth. How do you measure your appreciation for yourself? How do you express it? Giving thanks to your own self is not so different from being in a state of grace with the source of all life. You have found the grace of giving, of loving, of nurturing those around you who matter to you. It’s no less important, and more so in many ways, to find that grace in nurturing yourself. Especially right now. Think outside of the box.

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What do you gain from degrading your own worth if that is how you show others that you love them? Your presence is the greatest of presents. What you give to another by demonstrating self-care, self-love surpasses anything you could put in a package. Favors to yourself teach others to value themselves as well. Consider what you might otherwise be showing by giving of yourself to the point that you have nothing left for yourself. What kind of juxtaposition of ideas does this present? Objectification of affection leads to depletion, on all levels. You know innately that love is something that cannot be put into a box. Love thrives where it is shared, not given. Those who receive the gift of love where it has taken some toll on the giver do not receive the full impact of the intention. Think on this. Sit down for a moment. Have a cup of tea.

The absence of your presence from the whole of love’s picture cannot be filled by anything you can earn, spend, or buy. It can only be filled by your presence. You can only be present for another if you are present for yourself. Look in the mirror and take stock of your own self. Are you loving yourself? Are you giving to yourself? Do you feel nurtured? If you rely on others to nurture you without demonstrating what self-nurture looks like, in love of self as a divine presence embodied and participating in life, how do you hope to be part of the flow of nurturance around you? Right now, it might be easy for you to go a little further to chase after some coins. It might be easy for you to stay up a little bit later to find something that exists as an idea, a picture, a shape. However, if you deny yourself the longing in your heart for divine presence, you’re missing out on the essence of real happiness. The joy you seek to share isn’t online. It’s not on a shelf. It’s you. Give a little extra to yourself. Magnify.


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