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Get In Alignment with Your Own Being

Summary: Don’t be alarmed if you feel the need to withdraw from that beautiful reality that’s wrapped itself around you. Higher voices are trying to reach you with a message. Get in alignment with your own being now, listen within and let the arguments that remain in your head settle and dissipate. Change is looming, as the light of consciousness organizes and gains intensity and power. Prepare for its inevitable appearance by anchoring within the flow of awareness.

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The Lovers (reversed)  — Five of Rods (reversed) — The Tower

Pleiadian Tarot

Get in alignment with your own being's core stability and access the knowing of your own power. Change is most certainly on the horizon. Prepare, within. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: The Lovers (reversed)

What are you going to do about that nagging feeling you’ve had in the back of your mind? You know, the one that has been whispering in your ear about how you might be getting tangled up in something that doesn’t suit you… but which is so appealing. Your higher self is whispering to you, too, but you’ve thus far managed to maintain your safe space, your comfort zone, around the idea you’ve been coddling on your own. As much as it attracts you with its pure embrace, on reflection, are you feeling really true to yourself? After all, if you’re not in alignment within your own being, how can you really commit to being part of something greater? These are big thoughts rising now. If you are wise, you will pay attention to what’s hovering in the background, and tune into your own inner sense of virtue. Sometimes, what seems like the most ethical or moral way forward can be a trap. Consider your position, for big movements are happening behind the scenes. You might want to reconsider where you stand, and with whom. Above all else, you know deep down inside that you need to stand with yourself. If you need to pull away from that comfort to get in alignment, remember who you are and that you have a higher connection to truth than you may have been aware of. You’ll find that much more comfortable than you might have imagined.

 LODESTONE: Five of Rods (reversed)

The time of arguing is over. What’s been said and done has been said and done, and the consequences have nearly played themselves out. What remains is to find solace within. In order to get in alignment with your own being, you need to straighten out the remnants of thought that remain at odds in your mind. If you feel turmoil in your innards, whether it’s a vague sense of discomfort or a stomach-twisting hidden agony, it’s likely that you have some turmoil in the framework of belief. You’re called now to act in accordance with your personal mission, for the time is coming when your stability will be needed. Let fall the out-of-joint skeleton on which you had found your strength in times past. New times are upon you, and what served once upon a time is only going to cause confusion as you prepare to move forward. You sense the moment of end and beginning; its light is suffused all around you and shining in the core of your being. Follow it and find your way through any lingering maladjusted thoughts. You’ll get there quicker than you think if you have those conversations with self you’ve been putting off. Time for inner reckoning. Clarity is soon at hand.


What’s been contained can remain in containment no longer. A chain reaction is underway that no one has the power to stop. What limitations had been in place, narrowing the opening to higher reaches of endeavor, are no match for the brilliance of spirit enlivened that now breaches the boundary of control. You have some time yet to assess the likely patterns of transformation. Preparation is the best option when change is inevitable, and change is most certainly on the horizon. Soon, you’ll see the light of a thousand suns fusing into a force knocking the control rods to the ground. How can you prepare for the absence of the bricklayers of acceptability? Monitor your upgrades. Get in alignment with your own being’s core stability and access the knowing of your own power. This way, when the moment of change tears through the darkness, you’ll be solid and sure in the energetic discharge that follows. Critical mass in 3… 2…


“As soon as the magnetics of mind of people as a global entity of thought are altered enough to draw the magnetic pull of alternate realities into a state of integrity, you will experience a radical transformation. ”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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