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Attune Yourself to Nine

Trust Nine… Can you sense the key that unlocks the door to a new world of loving goodwill, peace, and contentment? It’s in your hand. More specifically, it’s something you already have within yourself, because it is the core essence of the human heart. If that is something of a mystery to you, if you aren’t one to be dazzled by warm, fuzzy apparitions of loving-kindness, yet you are human, you are intrinsically attuned to the fundamental of love. In a universe in which love is the substance and the essence of all things, thus it must be. It is, however, a choice to allow your embodied expression of life to entrain with the joy inherent in living love. It is also a choice to reject it. Right now, as you witness some rather alarming developments in your reality that hint at some possible lack of sanity in the underlying pattern of what-is, you may wish to turn your awareness toward that choice. You’ll have plenty of opportunities. Start with one thing, and attune yourself to Nine.

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Within any maelstrom is the promise of its fury ending. Does a storm’s activity decide to stop? Does it allow itself to become transformed to acquiesce to the environmental current? You have waited out enough storms to understand that while a tempest may seem to have a mind of its own, in truth it is an atmospheric phenomenon brought into being by a collusion of forces, charges, and differentials. Just as tea left in a pot will grow cold, so a storm will respond to the entropic nature of universal law and eventually dissipate. When forces, charges, and differentials cease to chaotically rend the fabric of autonomous well-being, the homeostasis of reality, holographically, will settle into its native groove of peace, awareness, and harmonic alignment. So it is with atmospheric conditions. So it is when you attune yourself to Nine. You will see Nine’s perfecting grace filter through all that you experience.

Nine, as we have mentioned in many ways, is the unifying thread that weaves through all levels of creation. It is the soul’s knowingness within the individual’s amnesic incoherence within the matrix of form and dimension. Nine is the balance point of polarity, the perfect capacity within all things to express divine mind, the is-ness of living energetic form. When you attune yourself to Nine, you decide to recognize the coherence of your own knowingness and act with a grace borne of self-recognition in the mirror of divinity. It is seeing love where it exists only in potential and nurturing it into self-awareness within systems, structures, and sentience of self. You have that opportunity before you now. Soon, old systems and structures will fall, a thousand reasonings having bled them dry, a singularity of projection having slain them with recognition of what can be. Nine is the current that carries home within the heart, in joy and balance and purity. Find that current now, and let it guide your thoughts and actions in the days that come. Attune yourself to Nine, and trust that awareness will bring it into view in the way that’s perfect for you and all.

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