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Weekly Message

From Within the Chaos Comes Light

Summary: Illumination has focused strongly within the totality of your life, in the confines of your own personal field of play. You’ve raised the standard, in more ways than one, yet just as you’re ready to move forward in victory, the ground slips into nothingness and you have the feeling you’re not moving anywhere fast. Gather, again, all that attests to who you are. With your truth and your mission steady in front of you, keep your sights high. Make the motions and soon it will have the effect of drawing you closer to what’s calling you. Stand firm within the uncertainty. The network of lighted minds grows stronger by the day.

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The Sun — Six of Swords (reversed) — The Star (reversed)

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Faith calls you now. After the storm clouds disperse, the light reaffirms its faith in your eyes, and deeper into your soul's awareness of the connection. #pleiadian #divinity #worldchange Click To Tweet


Exploring the pasture, you can still feel the freedom of the light. Unbounded and radiant, the sun streams forth wave upon wave of photonic encodements, waveforms and particulate pieces of life-giving, catalytic nourishment for the spirit. You can’t help but carry that within yourself, as a child of the sun, our local star. Your life unbounded likewise emanates invisible imprints of energy, encoded information, and transformative presence. You don’t need to do much of anything, other than to be your true self, for this essential beingness to do its magic. See your world from within the viewpoint of the eternal, inner self. The essence of your soul animates all you do. Let this grace move through you, and carry you, even within the confines of the current field of play. From that perspective, everything around you can become a reflection of light- and life-source. As you embody the sun, so you embody its power, its brilliance, and its steady presence to make the day a thing of great potential. In one day, you can move from one point of view to another. You can carry your truth raised high as a testament to the secret you’ve found, as the source of joy and grace. You have got that well in hand, haven’t you? While you prepare to sally forth into further fields and forays, soak in the light and the life-giving warmth of that source of love you feel as your core self. There’s joy there aplenty to keep you going, when forward movement kicks into gear. Be the catalyst you know yourself to be.

LODESTONE: Six of Swords (reversed)

Just as you’re ready to set out, and all of your inner navigation feels set to “go”, you feel the ground beneath you give. Keep your thoughts in front of you, even if it seems unsteady going. Maybe no one wants to hear what you have to say, but that doesn’t have to affect you. If you need to insulate yourself from wayward directional input, do what you need, but keep your mental space clear. Rise above any discord. Misunderstandings and errant interpretations are all part of the scenery now. Lucky for you, you’ve got a goal in mind. It might feel far away, but fix your gaze and streamline your body’s responses to give yourself the bare minimum of effort required to get the maximum distance traveled. You’re moving from a place of open-ended mental constructs toward the solid ground of higher sense-making. In between is a space and time yet undefined, unmapped and unmappable. Now more than ever, you’ll need to trust yourself. What you are dealing with is calling you to move. Aren’t you done with where you’ve been? There’s still some unfinished business, though, perhaps some words to be said, or at this point, maybe just the picture of you as you take your leave of the conversation, situation, or attitude. You’ve got your own journey to tend to. Some of the thoughts that have recently arisen among those truths that delineate your unique mode of seeing things are coming into their own. They add a sense of completeness to the whole of your position. Now, even if you can’t get a sense of movement yet, make the motions, gently, invisibly, and trust your instincts.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: The Star (reversed)

Yes, the sun is shining. Even if clouds block the path of its rays, even they are soaking up its golden goodness to deliver another day, on other lands. The rain that falls now comes from clouds that somewhere met the light of our star elsewhere before blowing into your local reality. Clear skies attest to the significance and unwavering presence of the solar beacon, the light that calls all life to live and shapes the shadows for you to see in clarity. When everything has turned backwards and its steady shine has slipped away to the night’s brief supremacy, yet you can carry its affirmation within. Look to the beacons that attest to light’s truth. Even on the darkest night, yet they go on with their business of issuing their particular radiance. Their light transcends distance in the moment you connect with it. In the here and now, it is present and primal. Remember this. You will be called to recall it for those whose eyes cannot yet discern the meaning encoded therein. Faith calls you now. After the storm clouds disperse, the light reaffirms its faith in your eyes, and deeper into your soul’s awareness of the connection. This world with many, our star among countless suns, all attest to the growing awareness of a higher interconnectivity than ground-level distinctions can achieve. You stand firm, yet within a formless reality that has yet to fully define itself. You bear the hope and the knowing. Trust that this is enough. Your presence, now, gives light to a waking world.


“The one who wins is the stronger in beingness. It has nothing to do with firepower. It has nothing to do with intelligence, strength of will or arms. Merely beingness. You are the ones who will win the home run, the touchdown, the goal. You are the ones who have the advantage, for you have spent eons surviving through degradation and imprisonment while keeping the joy alive in your core livingness.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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