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Yet a Little Further

Do you have to keep carrying this thing all by yourself? Surely, you can rest soon. There must be some respite coming along the way. The time you’ve spent secretly dragging this information along in the midst of so much clamor has got you at the point of breaking down. Hang on a little longer. The truth is, you’re near the point of breakthrough. Yes, it’s heavy, it’s complicated, and it’s well-nigh explosive, if you are totally honest about it. And you want to be totally honest about it. The problem is, you are in neither the space nor the moment at which you can lay it all down, lay it on the line, and lay straight the mess that’s been building in the background. Hang on. You’ve been paying attention. While it seems that you have been the only one in sight who has been wholeheartedly grasping the gravity of the situation, you are far from alone. There is a way to share the shouldering of the burden, but you’ll have to raise your sights a little higher for that to come into view.

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Time and tribulation have gone hand in hand, in this lifetime especially, as you look at things from the long view. You’ve got that higher perspective thing down; reaching the stratosphere in terms of understanding what’s going on is not the problem. The problem is the weight that suddenly seems to be making itself known. It’s got a tendency to drag you down. That’s not exactly what you need right now, nor what you particularly want. But you know, there’s always something hidden in the seeming problems that rise up in the way of getting from here to there, in this quest for truth, justice, and peaceful coexistence. Whether it’s within the four walls of your abode or further afield as you see through the images captured on cameras and shared from one end of the world to another, you can see exactly what’s going on, and how it affects how you’re feeling lately. It’s not all up to you to change the world. You cannot, alone, save those who are in need of saving. All you can do is what’s for you to do, and that is to continue to pay attention, and apply what you know to your own inner world. Everything else will follow.

Regarding what’s bearing down on your shoulders… while you’ve got a firm grasp on things, you might not be sure how much longer you can hold it together. Don’t worry, though. Even if you lose it, you won’t lose the essence of why you’re doing what you do. The truth will speak for itself soon enough. Meanwhile, a burden shared is a burden eased. Reach out with your free hand so you can know without a doubt that you are still on the right track and that there are others ready, willing, and able to help you bear the weight of what you know to be. In sharing what you can with those who are ready to lend their strength, you’ll make it to where you can finally straighten your back and breathe deeply the scent of freedom in the air. By then, you’ll have had enough of trying to do it all on your own. There’s nothing to prove, anyway, nor anything to gain by going forward alone. There’s a new angle of light appearing from the distance, not as far away as it had been when you had to hold it in your mind’s eye to visualize its promise. Now you can see where it’s illuminating the shadows and defining the way forward for you and those who join you in your journey. You’ll make it, together, and when you do, how sweet rest will be.

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