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Hope Brings Heaven Down to Earth

Summary: Hope is the thing with feathers, it is said, and something that can slip through your hands if you are not attuned to its omnipresence. The lights that have been distant now come closer to your knowing, and the thread of a higher way of wisdom turns your attention to the brilliance that shines ever brighter in your world. Step out of the shadows and become part of the fluid consciousness that awakens. Embrace hope and lean on the love that you remember, that you wish for, that streams from beyond the dreams and illusions of worldly care. Higher love beckons you to listen, and to trust in hope. Meanwhile, there is a job waiting for you to finish. Apply yourself with joy and focus, and watch all that you have held as your treasure turn into the fortune of hope’s dreams become real. You have everything you need. It’s time to get the job done.

The Star — The Lovers — Eight of Pentacles

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot hope


We enter this week with hope, with a beacon and a guiding thread from an unseen voice from above. Many are now realizing that they are part of a great awakening, a community based on harmonic flow and mutuality. Many lights are popping into the darkness, transforming it through consciousness awakened. What had been stifled is now given freedom to move and express thoughts long held in abeyance. Our higher nature is moving out from the protective shadow of concealment into the common waters of a world awash in greater understanding. Guiding all this is a collective of voices attuned to the higher frequencies of communication, transmuting what is perceptible on fine lines of vibration into a clear and unbridled remembering, knowingness, and sharing. Hope has always been present, but with the constellation of awakening being sung into existence it is becoming unmistakable, almost glaring in the sight of those who dare look to it. Our moment arrives. Listen to the strains of those whose guiding star gives them but one song to deliver.


Do you dare allow hope to settle in your bones? How are you able to find the strength to give yourself over to it? Feel deep inside yourself, and allow your senses to relax in the surrender to hope. Perhaps it’s the only thing keeping you upright in this time of having come unglued in some way, in the face of the world’s uncertainty. This uncertainty is the result of the greater dominion of love’s template being screened from sight behind a projected illusion. Where does hope come from, and how does it remain despite the clouds that surround the mind? Hope is the product of the breath of divine consciousness, the remembrance of connection to the source of all life. It’s the whispers of a higher love. Let yourself rest in this for the moment. Let hope open your ears to the whispers from beyond the edge of the illusion. Cling to it if you must, find strength in it if you can, and allow it to bend your awareness just enough to discern something that may not have been known before. In this way, you can shift your whole perspective.


Diligence is called for in making the seeds of hope into the stuff of dreams come true. Manifest your riches and create your fortune in whatever aspect of life is most necessary for you to act. Look at what’s in front of you, and find the contentment that comes with doing what you are called to do in the moment. You have everything you need right now; there’s no need to put off what you have to do any longer. The time has come for you to settle down and make the effort, not to forge a new way ahead or reconstruct your reality. Nothing so dire as that is called for now. Rather, you have already done what you need to do to push a little more on the way toward ultimate satisfaction. You’re almost there. The goal is in sight. The hope that you have harbored has built itself into the realization that you’ve already got yourself further along than you might think. With renewed vigor, know that what separates you from the world of your making has been steadily dissolving. You’ve been doing good work and have just a little more to do. Now is the time to apply what you know, your skills, your attention and your joy toward getting the job done. Thus is hope secured and its fruits known.

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