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The Power Rises

Summary: Letting go to find your power will help you shift from mental stress into the open freedom of the limitless kingdom of the heart. What has been a source of care no longer need hold you in its field. As you release, you rise. The energy unleashed in recent days has blasted you right out of your comfort zone. Rest and retreat, and find yourself in the land of pure potential. The worry and care that has drained color from your life is being overtaken by new modes of thought. Can you feel that emerging from within? Let it come to a point of understanding built on higher levels of essential being that you are now reaching. You are ready to share the understanding of your higher understanding in the form of an open and full heart. With consciousness more free, be open to whispers of news, and know that love is the true seat of power.

Queen of Swords (reversed) — The Emperor — King of Cups

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot power

FOUNDATION: Queen of Swords (reversed)

Uprooted from your foundation of understanding, your thoughts are rising despite the pull of some concerns. As the season turns, time is shifting your attention more into forward-moving gear. Are you finished reviewing what has come to your mind for contemplation? Have you dealt with the forms memory has presented itself in? The time has come to ground your thoughts and release what you have held. Trust that doing so will let you rise even higher. Detached thus from care, worry, negative spirals of mental overstimulation, you find yourself more free… if a little tired. Rest as you need to, and know that letting go for a little while will let the energies that have dislodged you from familiar landscapes of thought will bring you back into balance. Perception can be sharpened with just a short time of retreating into the cave of the natural pause this time of year affords. While you do, you are well guarded. Let yourself come back into balance now.

LODESTONE: The Emperor

Last week, we waited for the lightning bolt to come to the magician’s transmutational stance. Do you feel that this has come to pass? Now you can come to your center point of power, having brought it down from the heavens. Higher power has infiltrated you. Where you feel most affected is where you needed to grow. The integration has hurtled you out of your garden onto dizzyingly high peaks of clarity. If that is yet coming into focus, rest within the timeless power of wisdom. The holographic truth: the body you are is a manifestation of the perfection of divine expression of Self. You hold that as your own, yet you know your responsibility as one who has awakened to that truth. From the depths of your being, the weave of energy has risen to this moment where you present yourself as the one who bears power and bares the truth. Let it be seen and understood, even as you are emerging from a higher level of self-understanding. What you carry now is pure potential. You’ve come to the point of recognizing in yourself the power that you hold is ready to manifest a new world. Let the life that is yet to be converge in your inner knowing. You’ve got this.


When power is held within the heart, and the heart is honored as the primary seat of power, everything is possible. Let this week ahead be a time where you celebrate higher knowing being seated in the kingdom of the heart, and let your power rest gently in your grip. There is no need to force anything now. There is no need to exert control. The natural rhythms of time and tide are bringing news of a most satisfying nature, as the consciousness of mankind gains its natural freedom. Honor what comes to you from your more cosmic awareness, and listen to those whispers that speak of the joy of a new day. It’s okay to find yourself content with that, to emerge from the depths of what you know into the more satisfying perch of really owning it. Perhaps you’ve been allowing your understanding to grow, or working on your internal feelings for some time now. You can feel it’s becoming authentic. Are you ready to offer that from within, not to spill your heart but to offer the love that’s held there? You lose nothing in doing so, for you have tapped into the limitlessness of it. Orient yourself to the stars, remember that your power is gathered from higher realms, and claim your joy.


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