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Celebrate the Immanence of Light

Summary: Some weeks ago, you may have embarked on a path that you held in honor of your appointment as an ensouled being in service to higher power. Brazen energies having been mastered and the self recognized as the balance-point between the divine and the potentiation of a new world in creation, you realize it’s about time to celebrate. What began in a mad rush to bring some truth to be seen has finally neared the completion of its evolution. Now you are ready to embrace what you have brought into being and to celebrate with the world the blessings of a job well done. No matter how minuscule or how grand, the joy of the moment is shining through the moment, and beyond. Recognize in yourself what you are, as a transducer of essential light into form. Recognize that the world that lay just beyond the edge of a veil is ready to celebrate, too, and is right in front of you. Meet all aspects of your shared recognition with hearts raised in amity, deferential to the truth of the unity of all life in the presence of love.

The Sun — The Magician — Three of Cups

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot celebrate


You’re ready to step into the spotlight, and the spotlight is ready to shine on you. If you’re feeling good about the things you’ve been doing, you may have reason to. The past months have given everyone a lot to consider, and if you have been paying attention, you could have come to the conclusion that the best way forward is to see everything for what it is: the energy of light, taking form as it will. If you can be okay with that, the way ahead will lead you further along the road to life lived in joy. You have no need for labels any longer, no need to have your identity masked by anything that anyone could define you by. In your purity, you are perfect; in your hope, you are blessed. All that you have around you is the result of dynamic life taking root and displaying itself despite the odds, in the face of obstacles. Triumph need not be magisterial in its carriage. Triumph in the tiniest of matters is the surest path toward soul-mission fulfillment, and a true core experience of joy… joie de vivre. Your soul knows the way forward, and you are in alignment with trust in that. You have an appointment to keep, and the feeling of anticipation is not only spurring you on, but is lighting up your whole world. Easy does it as you ease on down the road. Enjoy the ride. You’re nearly at the point where you can celebrate.

LODESTONE: The Magician

Are you finally coming to understand that you are, in fact, a magician, an alchemist, a living transducer of divine light into material form? Let the realization sink in that you are creating your reality and that you’re actually getting pretty good at keeping yourself plugged into a good current of creation. You’ve learned that you must bare your heart if you are to embrace the full power of love’s truth. You have not succumbed to the darkness or trickery of this world. In fact, you have adjusted yourself to exist as a pure being within it, in spite of it, yet without any venom poisoning your purity of being. Has your focus been to raise the essence of your DNA to its fullest potential? Know that your self-recognition within the light of divine love has given your blood the perfume of the heavens. Have you been working on mastery of mind, heart, and materiality in balance and accord? Know that you have laid that on the altar in surrender to higher power, bringing you into wholeness, steadiness, clarity, and freedom. Right now, recognize yourself in the eyes of another, fully aware of your connection with divine power and your responsibility in service to grounding that power in this world. This is the moment you’ve been waiting to celebrate, officiant of the true connection the awakened human being holds in promise. Be fully present. The lightning bolt is coming.


In threes is stability of complementary forces brought into being. In three, the presence of love’s potential cannot be ignored. Where you see what is “other”, rest within the presence of seeing life living in form. Be aware in your encounters with another that there is more than just what you see, that other presences are in attendance yet hidden from view. What remains behind the veil in the world of the seen is starting to reveal itself. Perhaps you sense that already. The way there is to stay focused on the heart. It is the golden transducer of all that is, and a marvel of human nature were it to be fully understood. Remember in the days to come that the cares of this world are never out of sight of those eyes that watch from the other side. It may be time for the ones who hold power in this earthly realm to turn their eyes in humility to that truth. Celebrate your humanity, and raise your heart in recognition of your true identity, and in honor of that which you are yet to become. All of humanity waits for a moment of transformation and epiphany. If that cannot be seen directly, it is most surely reflected in the heart, and celebrated there. Where two are gathered, the third, in divine presence, is there. In this is the understanding of Nine.


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    beautiful just beautiful…and bringing clarity to what my heart is perceiving and knowing…
    smiles and hugs my lovely soul sister x

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    and celebration, the resonance of celebration, like gratitude is itself a “magical technique”. To hold that resonance attracts….more things to celebrate [to be grateful for]. ancient saying ” A mage celebrates before the “fact” [manifests] ….during and after”. TY for your work Maryann.


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