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Know the Potential Is Becoming Real

Summary: This moment may well find you settled and comfortable in a position that pivots the potential of power from the old guard to the new. From the past, new sovereignty lay waiting. It is awareness, poised to present the promise of a new force of energy, purified from the tests that have burned away all but the most pure and noble nature. In this time of reflecting, waiting, reviewing, be still and grounded. Align the core of your being with the highest level of connection. Let the infinite mind entrain with the ideas that arise, return, and divinely inspire you.Take your time, and let the potential of your nature in form bring perfection to that which you create from thought. In time, the flow of form’s perfected essence will reach your hands. As it does, it is well to remember the source, the light, and the love that is behind it.

Queen of Rods — Four of Swords — Six of Pentacles

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot potential

FOUNDATION: Queen of Rods

You own your power, and you rest in the seat of being ready for whatever comes your way. With regal bearing, you lean on the back of a king, who bends his neck to accommodate your rising brilliance. His time is over, and a new king, a gentler one, lay waiting for the full transformation to reach completion. Resting peacefully in total accord with that which has been set in place, your sovereign power may appear dormant. You can be sure that awareness, however, is fully on, and content with the shift in circumstance. Your place is already determined, the seed has come into full blossom in your hand, and the light of day illuminates the field in front of you. You are primed and ready to meet the world with the grace that you discern in your deepest self-knowing. Present the promise. All the power of universal light is behind you, burning away all the worries you have had at the back of your mind.The day is here for you to feel secure in your place. In fire, you have been given new life. What stirs just ahead of you possesses all the potential of benevolent new beginnings and great evolvement. All you need to have in your mind is the awareness of your connection with the light of divine intelligence. The love you have known has brought you to this point of stepping into a new role and a new self-definition. Keep your thoughts high, and rest in readiness.

LODESTONE: Four of Swords

Within the depths of your being, at this time of retrograde motion in the vault of the heavens, is a sense of standing still. All the thoughts you have released into the world come back at you to be honed into perfection of order, brilliance, effectiveness. Those ideas that you have been working on, fashioning into tools with which to cleave ignorance and let in greater light where there has been obstruction and obfuscation, are waiting for your blessing. This is the final phase of sharpening the edge of what you have to present. One at a time, in no hurry, align yourself with your thoughts. Feel the stillness within yourself connecting your center of power in balanced integration with the full spectrum of light, wisdom, and beingness. In the invisible world of your deepest inner knowing, let the point of what you have to say encounter the heart of world wisdom, to which you are also connected. Grounded in the sentience of planet, ennobled in the light of universal perfection, see yourself as the perfection of thought carved from the geometric exactitude of divine potentiality. The geometry of this world has determined your soul’s form. Linked to divine grace, you fashion the form of mind into action. Be still and know, and let your knowing become.


If the wellspring of abundance has not yet appeared in your life, know that it is just in front of you. It is yours to receive, just as it is God’s to give. Universal flow is finding bigger avenues in which to carry basic energies into balance, equilibrium, just measures. Whatever form this universal abundance takes, what you receive when you finally have its bounty in your hands is the inspiration to look higher to the source. On the eve of seasonal bounty, where the fruits of the past are savored, remember: the true source of life’s gifts is above all that you can see, beyond the edges of the reality you know as established and defined. When you look at the source of gifts coming your way, look beyond boundaries familiar and expected. Behind the smile, behind the layers that shape what you see, there is only the totality of engulfing, omnipresent light. What form it projects will meet you soon enough. With open heart and empty mind, you are sure to receive the fullness of joy, and maybe understand the joke. This is the straightest path to higher understanding. It is well to receive it in awe.


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    Thank you Maryann. Look forward to these every week. And by together going……yea >> awareness, poised to present the promise of a new force of energy<< yes…. awareness poised… embracing together here we help to precipitate what we're all feeling for the many, I think. Gracias

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    Hi Maryann very well written & informative & ya really cool stuff. I loved all 3 of them. Thank’s for posting. Cant wait until the next one’s !


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