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The Promise of Radiant Transformation

Summary: Watching, scrying, letting yourself be carried forward from one territory to another has brought you to a point of beginning to believe. But what do you believe? Do you hold the cup of promise or of bitter emptiness? While you move from one chaotic situation through the auspices of a higher-powered mode of inner transport, you might discover that part of you already knows where you’re going. The promised land is in range and you are focused, moving, and, if you have been wise, you’ve allowed your whole mentality to rise. The gifts you long to receive will come to you by grace, and perhaps a little magic on the side. Keep you inner awareness in line with the power of divine love, and the light that lives within you will soon have you feeling all aglow. The fires of transformation begin to burn. Settle into the throne of empowerment.

Knight of Cups — Queen of Pentacles (reversed) — Queen of Rods

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot transformation

FOUNDATION: Knight of Cups

Does the day reveal a cup of disappointment, where you had hoped to carry something sustaining, nourishing, and satisfying? Looking at the current situation you find yourself in, you are likely to find a thing or two that reflect back to you some feeling of emptiness. Or maybe of hope. Despite the great good land that you are on the threshold of entering, you fixate on the cup. Itself, it has the potential to brim full of nectar. Its golden sheen is enough to encourage the most downtrodden of spirits. As you balance on your way, perhaps it is tricky to find a point of focus within your heart. Swarming energies, the remnants of last week’s incoming shafts of change from the beyond, remain tracing confusion underneath a layer of protection and composure. What path your inner knowing carries you on is leading you, at this moment, out of the woods. If you don’t see it yet, you will. It’s just a matter of shifting your gaze, allowing trust to carry you and blessedness to continue bringing you higher. There is no hurry. Your thoughts have greater protection than mere armor can give. However, you do wear some heavy shielding. Could it be that the weight of your protective gear is slowing down the rate at which you access greater freedom and light? Is it hindering your ability to be flexible in the balance of all things now converging upon you?  The terrain is shifting. The instinctive knowing that takes you forward is already dwelling in that new world. Great new vistas await your exploration, and new paths leading who knows where will be within your reach soon. How well you navigate your way there is a matter of putting your mind, heart, and body into a unified awareness. Go with it.

LODESTONE: Queen of Pentacles (reversed)

It’s quite possible that you’re standing in your own way, when it comes to getting the flow of blessings that you feel oh so ready to enjoy. It’s possible. Thoughts can conjure up all sorts of obstacles. It’s also possible that the queen of fortune is already smiling upon you, though that may seem like a far way off, even if it also seems like it might be just within reach. The fortune you wait for is ready to be handed to you most graciously. What’s blocking that flow is more than likely a directional challenge. Try looking at things differently. As the message has been for the past several weeks, back off. There is no need to grab the gold. It’s already marked as yours. So is the magic, and so is the abundance of everything you have been hungering for. So much we are given the message to dive after the treasure, to go for the gusto. There is no need to put in extra effort when it comes to the grace of divinity manifesting in your life. If the effort is to sit back and center yourself, to align yourself with the warmth at the core of the Queen’s loving smile, then it is well worth putting in. Every gift is given in divine time. Make the effort to receive: Open your heart, relax your inner tension. Settle in the knowing you already possess that the love animating all life is aware of you, and ready to respond with great benevolence. Allow the perfection to zero in on you. This is the activity of Nine-ing.


The most gracious movement in the days ahead stirs in the inmost knowing coming to the level of conscious awareness. In full possession of your natural power, you radiate confidence and readiness. You are a being lit by divine fire; a flame of known belovedness is rooted in the heart and connected to the mind. Today, that is maybe just an idea to keep you going, but in the coming week, it is well for you to allow that inner knowing to catch the spark and become fully lit within. The fire of divine being is not a fire that burns but that glows and enlivens, enlightens, and emboldens the spirit. The immensity of your divine energy expressed in form is but a reflection of the truth of who you are. This week, let that light shine through your eyes. What is now dormant is beginning to stir. You are in a position now of choosing greater levels of empowerment, and enjoying higher enlivenings of consciousness. The beginning of transformation has great enthusiasm to give its fullness to you now. Are you willing to be filled with the enthusiasm, and to look with clarity at all that there is to behold in your reality? Take your seat, divine one. Your humanity is about to experience transformation!


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