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Life’s Power Is a Simple Thing

Summary: If the reality you had hoped for hasn’t materialized in your life, yet again the cards beckon you to take a step back. This time, it may be necessary for you to confront your very soul in its purity. Love is the inevitability of life. While the hoped-for reunion with this truth shining as the foundation of a shared reality has yet to materialize, it does exist in pure potential. You know this in the place where your experience as a human being is rooted in the source of life. Step back and shift your focus, pause, and find friendship with your soul. The weeks ahead will be full. While you maintain the knowledge that a new landscape approaches, let yourself look at what’s happening now. The messages and momentum are coming in loud and clear, ensuring that the next couple of months will release surprising fertility of power and life.

Two of Cups (reversed) — Six of Cups — Eight of Rods

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot life

FOUNDATION: Two of Cups (reversed)

Dreams of harmonic convergence, of hearts shining with one light, guide this week’s message. While we have each found some truth to light our way, the coming together of disparate viewpoints has not yet materialized. A dream it remains. However, it is not a dream to be abandoned. Even if the sides of the argument seem never to find validation in the eyes of the other, deep inside the heart where the truth is carried, a singularity shines bright. At the base of every viewpoint is a cognizance of primal humanity… not as savage but as divine. In truth, it is love that forms the foundation of every spark of life, for that is the common ground in which all realities converge. If that sounds like a platitude, then it is in keeping with the week’s foundational setting. Right now, it may indeed be impossible for incoherence to find its base harmonic. If you find yourself confronting this impossibility as a stark reality, perhaps it’s a good time to step back and remind yourself that oneness is not in amalgamation but in concord. Each approaches the light in a unique way. None is wrong when the force of truth melts the shadows that hide wisdom’s covalent recognition.

LODESTONE: Six of Cups

It is more natural for humans to love than to fight, when the revelations of self-knowledge strip away the grown-up notions that come packaged in a dying culture. When the focus is on life, on nurturance, and on home, civility is known as love. In this moment, are you aware of your inner nature wherein the ever-rejuvenated soul is giving you hints? Can you pause from the busy-ness of your reality pressed upon you and listen to the soul’s silent smile? Stop and smell the flowers. Notice what new life is forming at your fingertips, right below your nose, exactly within your grasp. It may mean taking a step or two down from the high place you find yourself in, but if you want a taste of the joy that this moment offers, let that happen. Before the wall that’s been built behind your back, while you weren’t looking, rises any higher, redefine it. Make it a place of life. Let it frame your vision of home, and of a future worth remembering. When you step out of the role you have been playing while adulting, make new contact with the child. With all the outer creations of life’s senselessness forgotten, the eternal Self makes itself known. This is the way home.


While you may really want to look at the future landscape in the days ahead, bombastic energies are beckoning your attention. It’s interfering with your placid good feeling of a rose-tinted sky, you say. Yes, if that is where you want to train your eyes, it may seem that way. However, while the shift is happening and the landscape is going through a change of season, it may be best to go through a shift of focus yourself. Let your attention embrace what’s coming. If you do, you may notice some patterns; you may see that everything is sourcing from the same general point. Don’t worry. Your rosy future is not about to be obliterated. While matters at hand have your attention, do something dramatic and look at the details as they move into view. This is about your empowerment. The weeks ahead are going to be fertile ground for what happens now to take on the force of life. Cycles are about to be broken. Watch carefully. The next couple of months will have much to reveal that’s rooted in this moment.


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    Please add an extra star. TY Maryann. Wonderful the way this pertains, to our world, and to me, I think probably all individuals who read and absorb. Always feels like a nectar, a drink. Not over-sweet [bombastic….you mean “them” right? the MSM, the…..], but a nectar to drink. What I do not necessarily “agree” with [bombastic?] always a call to greater attention. And sure do like ” oneness is not in amalgamation but in concord”. Diverse individuals and groups coming together now as one; supporting: in concord.

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    Exactly, the bombastic reference is for the Powers That “Be” all full of ego and sure of their win. Surely there are people on all sides of things who see other sides acting in such ways 🙂 It’s gonna be beautiful, once it all happens, the concord, for sure.

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    I can see the rosy future. If I breathe it in through my crown, I can breathe it out through my mouth into my current reality with gratitude, transforming this prison and turning those bricks to dust. The tower is falling.


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