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Justice Is Coming

Summary: A crisis of faith has you teetering on the edge of your seat. What happens next is largely a function of where you choose to put your energies. You can give it another try or just give up trying. Right now, with the world in a state of flux, the best thing you can do is to get in touch with your intuition and analyze how adept you’ve been at interpreting the signals. Justice is coming. Dive deep into your inner state and prepare for the word from on high to start cutting through the layers of truth. The final answer is coming.

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Eight of Cups (reversed)  — The World (reversed) — Justice

ine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message, March 29 2019

Justice is coming; what does that mean for you? Shed what's no longer viable in your thinking or attitude. What's revealed may surprised you, in the end. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Eight of Cups (reversed)

It seems like things aren’t working out exactly the way you had hoped they would. All the careful arrangement of your intuitive insights seems now to be lacking the solidity and balance you had planned. While everything looked so promising of fulfillment, you’re left pondering the wisdom in maintaining your current course, giving it another try, or giving it up altogether. Is this really a lost cause, or are you misinterpreting the signs? It’s doubtful that your intuition has ever steered you wrong, but it is possible to misinterpret the signals it’s been sending. It’s also easy to let your heart believe in something that you want, and despite all your efforts to “make it happen”, to see empty disappointment instead of overflowing satisfaction. If you have an inkling that you might be better off letting go of the charade, the play, the illusion, perhaps it’s best to take a step back and give yourself some breathing room. If justice is coming, what does that mean for you? Should you need to re-evaluate the situation, give yourself the space to recalibrate your understanding. Whether you stick with the plan or not is up to you, but the fact that this is coming up now is pointing to a new direction in some way.

LODESTONE: The World (reversed)

How comfortable are you with change? It is certainly something you’ve had plenty of experience with, as it is everywhere and all at once. Right now, you are urged to anchor yourself within the process of change on a large scale, and to do that you will need to get deep and real within yourself. There are no shortcuts. You have to do the work, endure the suffering, roll with the punches. Right now, everything may seem like it’s “wrong”; however, all you need to do to gain the perspective to “right” everything is to find where you truly are in relation to the bigger picture. The wheel of time is moving, the world is turning, and you are evolving. That involves shedding what is no longer viable, either in your thinking or your attitude. The world has its own evolution well in hand. It’s been listening to the echoes of its people. Those most grounded, those closest to the core of heart, have had the ear of Mother Earth. Everything around you as an emanation of this world’s reality is shifting. If you want to land on your feet, it’s best to check into your balance center.


Intense balance is required to hold the scales of justice steady in the hand. Immense focus is needed to maintain the upright forthrightness of a decision that cuts through the covering of truth. However, trusting the system of balance and counterbalance, the inner core strength that relaxes into zen one-pointedness, will alleviate any stress such postures of centrification may cause. Looking ahead, there will be no escape from the final decision, yea or nay. Nor will things look so easily clear-cut as you once assumed they would be, when it comes down to final judgment. What’s about to happen is a deep dive through the undulating, polarized layers of trust and truth-seeking. Nothing is as it seems when even the arbiter of justice wears a mask. How many masks there are, and what lay at the core, is going to be apparent soon enough. For now, know that you are on the way to finally hearing the final say on a matter. Justice is coming. What it reveals, more deeply, may surprise even you.


“Great advances in humanity’s awakening are happen­ing. This is the result of high consciousness influences interacting with biological mechanisms which are being understood, known, and recognized by various divisions of the whole of humanity. You add to that awakening holographically as you integrate your own experience. Photon energy from your sun rearranges your code without any effort on your part. Land of the Romans’ vast empire will daylight not withstand. Quest for the grail will come to an end. Knowledge beknown will be, and secrets no more will be. Nature knows all, and Nature on your side knows only justice.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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