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There’s No Escaping the Light

No escape… It’s finally coming in with a bang. The carefully constructed tower of belief you had climbed high within is entering into the scene in a very unexpected way. You are witnessing a moment in which what cannot sustain itself is being brought into rightful alignment, opening up the potential for what must be, to be. Nothing will escape truth’s appearance now. Watch, as everything falls into place. What you are witnessing is nothing short of the beginning of a new era of understanding. You might not have noticed the slow, steady uprooting of the structures of belief. The work is done. It’s up to you, now, to rise. To do so, you’re going to have to revisit the basis of everything. It’s naturally the most logical thing to do.

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Innocence lost portends the blinding undeniability of change. Is it better to build in the obscurity of What Has Always Been? Your natural sovereignty is not to be found there. The arrow of time has found its target, dislodging everything from where it had been set. There is no escape from revelation, nor from the collision of destiny with self-styled fate. Why? Because you have brought it into being. You’ve had enough of building in the dark. At some point, your efforts must pierce the limit of density; you must at some point finish exploring heavy layers untouched by time, sacrosanct and holy in their dark, sacred zone of untouchability. Such mental inner sanctums can become sepulchres. Such endeavors of construction can lead to epiphany. Recognize what this moment presents to you.

A crisis of faith, now, may feel long overdue when it finally hits you. Demons expelled from their roosts are only part of what the finger of destiny is pointing out. You’ve been too long in denial of your own divinity, too long putting your efforts into well-meaning structures to carry you into higher realms of knowledge. Such are now obsolete. A new world is coming into view, its seed form full and ready to burst into life. Let the light that now reveals itself through the rip in reality be a force that propels you toward that higher truth that underlies all: love now calls you home. That light is your own. It’s time to rebuild. Point yourself toward divine source and you’ll navigate the inevitable change well. It’s all for the best, and will likely be so fast you’ll feel right at home before you know it. Anyway, what’s coming is something you can’t hide from. There’s no escaping yourself, and now your self is set for change. The light’s about to burst out. Ready, set… glow!

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