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Let Go, Glory Awaits

Summary: Take a look through a new lens at the path you’ve trodden. You can see that what you’ve gained in your journey has arranged itself in a new patterning of understanding. It’s time to finally be done with the way things have always been and let go of some patterns that hold no promise for the future. You’re moving into new territory now, so you won’t be needing what you had been carrying for so long. A new day beckons, and you’ll move ahead with ease, having gracefully shed the old ways. Prepare to shine and be recognized for your light. Are you ready? You will be. The way to glory is already set.

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The Hermit  — Ten of Swords — Six of Rods

Look through a new lens at what you've gained in your journey. Be done with the way things have been. Prepare to shine. The way to glory is already set. #pleiadian #tarot #ninespath Share on X


Here you are, alone with your thoughts, contemplating the meaning of it all. Life review in a big-picture way is giving you some added perspective you lacked before. While you’re at ground level dealing with things as they arise in front of you, certainly you gain necessary skills and confidence. However, when you boost yourself up and climb out of the fray, you gain something completely different, something that you can’t fully grasp while you’re busy dealing. Sure, the skills and confidence, the experiences themselves, all lead to the same place, eventually. Where you find yourself now, you’ve got all those things situated in the right frame of mind, geometrically arranged within your sense of self in such a way that you have a useful, upgraded lens. How does the light refract the state of reality now that you are where you are? If you haven’t noticed much of a shift yet, it may be that you really do need to pull yourself in from the activity around you. Even if that is in the form of a solitary walk or an hour alone in your room, you’re being called to contemplate and recognize the geometric reformulation of your consciousness. It is happening, but it’s so much more effective to give it your attention rather than letting this moment slip by. Or hadn’t you noticed that you’re on higher ground?

LODESTONE: Ten of Swords

How treacherous all those thoughts have been, plotting a way to silence your questioning and pin you down into a stationary position. You are at their mercy, or so it seems. Really, had you been planning to carry all your plans to the logical conclusion, without deviation, without growing along the way? Of course you will grow, and that’s always been the plan. The question is merely rhetorical. But… if that truly is the plan, you do realize that you must shed those patterns of thinking that carried you so far and can take you no further. Of course you do. To think that you can maintain the same way of thinking all along the way is as preposterous as thinking you can still fit your feet into that favorite pair of shoes you had when you were six years old. The time has come to let gracefully slip away those things that no longer give you wings. Is it possible that where had been softly feathered wings has turned into an iron cage? Beliefs can be tricky in that way, as can worry, and really anything that you hang your attention on too readily. When you get clingy with your thought patterns, your thought patterns will find a way to push you along. See if you can find a little irony in the situation, and make the most of it. You’ll be up and free in no time at all. It wouldn’t hurt to celebrate with a little ritual, to mark the occasion of your fulfillment of a phase.


Ah, victory! You can almost taste it on the edges of the wind that’s winding its way toward where you are situated in time and space. Change is in the air, and it is calling you home. Will you be recognized? Perhaps not as you had been, but certainly for who you have become, yes. The picture you had held in the goblet of your heart is finding its way to fulfillment and grace. You’ll soon be moving in a new direction, satisfied that you’ve done your duty to your soul at this moment of transfiguration. Will you recognize yourself? As you are soon to be entering uncharted territory, it may be that you will see yourself anew. When the landscape opens before you, remember that you are bearing your authenticity into the light of glory. It’s about you but not about your ego. It’s about your goals but not about winning, your virtue, not your pride. Do you understand what’s about to happen? All that faith you’ve put to the test is about to result in some very positive feedback.


“Time waits and meets you at the moment of your encounter with your eternal self asking some specific questions about your plans and intentions. There comes a point where staying in the twilight is no longer possible. Light is inevitable. It is in the inner reaches of your mind and it is seeping out into the foreground of everything. Give it leeway to push some dark imaginings out of the way, and knowledge of who you are will come bursting forth in all its glory.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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