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Midweek Update

Care to Step Into a New Reality?

Think big… Remember last week’s vibe, how you could just about taste the dream-coming-true on the incoming breeze? Trust is still the name of the game. Big things are set for the future, and you seem to be right at the doorstep. Don’t hesitate. Right now, the universe is conspiring to bring you a soul-satisfying sea change. The current is drawing you toward the land of opportunity. What’s in store for you is begging you to open and receive, to expand into the landscape that’s sprawling before you. There’s little left for you to do but to take a step in the direction your soul is pulling you in, and there to find a redefinition of self that’s been a long time coming. You’ve prepared. Now, fly.

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Before you say how many times you’ve tried to move in the direction of growth, spiritual or otherwise, pause and listen to yourself. Have that conversation inwardly before you utter a syllable of complaint or frustration. Sure, you have been met with delay after delay, with unanswered questions that you’ve tried to settle in your mind without really knowing the answer in advance of asking. Of course you’ve been impatient and upside-down at times. Your journey, in short, has had its moments. You’ve stuck with it, though, haven’t you? What do you have to show? Again, this is an inner conversation… the best kind for sorting things out with your soul.

Those moments when your feet have felt stuck in mud have caused you to take a longer look at the lay of the land. They’ve forced your attention to turn in the direction of streamlining, sharpening, polishing, and letting go. All such exercises are helpful in getting one’s boots out of the mud. Now, take a look at your feet. You’re well grounded, lighter. Footloose and fancy-free. No more illusions to tangle up your toes. It’s high time you took that inbreath you’ve been waiting for and push yourself into the future. Your vision will adjust, and you’ll see some new landmarks come into view, new signs, new roads and fields and activity. Unfurl your wings. You won’t want to miss a moment of what’s ahead. Your soul adventure awaits.

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