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Big Time’s On the Way

Summary: This is a truly momentous time, and likely holds more potential for massive transformation than you might think. If so, then feel, and ask yourself some questions. How are you using your power? Are you paying attention to things that had been out of view? Can you be comfortable in a position of more up-front leadership? And finally, from where you are now, are you aware of what you can do to radically come into alignment the the universal plan? All to your benefit, and to your more authenticated, realized self, to ponder these points of contemplation. Your infinite potential can become glorified consciousness.

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The Magician (reversed)  — The Emperor — The Hanged Man (reversed)

Now that you have a different perspective, is it becoming more clear to you what you have to let go of? What was difficult comes easier now. #pleiadian #tarot #ninespath Share on X

FOUNDATION: The Magician (reversed)

Can you step back for a moment from what you’re doing? There comes a point when you have to trust the universe to carry out its part of the plan. Remember, you are part of that plan. You’re running your own show, and you are the master of your reality, but you don’t have to know exactly what to do to get to your desired goal. You have a plan, you have power, you have tools and the skills to use them to great advantage. Now, consider this: Could it be that you’re trying too hard to make something shift into place? You have to consider the blending of elements of greatly differing character. You have to fill the void of space of unknowing with the power you have as a divinely connected human within a continuum of loving creation. There’s plenty to do. Get grounded on this concept: What are you doing, really, and why are you doing it? Now’s a good time to review your plan and see exactly what it is you’re on about. Falling into a trap of ignorance or deceit is one thing, and you’re stealthily avoiding that. Just make sure you’re being very clear with yourself about how, where, and why your energy is flowing.

LODESTONE: The Emperor

How comfortable are you in a position of leadership? Do you feel at ease with the power you wield? These are not thinking questions, but feeling ones. For all your logic and mastery of that which you maintain is your field of expertise, where you are master of your domain and answer to no one, you’re still a human being at heart. You know how to protect your heart amid the desolation of land stripped bare of outside nurturance; you’ve learned how to take care of yourself. You not only maintained your heart during trying times, you’ve shown how it’s done. You wear it well, and with distinction, actually. Don’t think it hasn’t been noticed, even if you haven’t been paying much attention to that aspect of your being. It’s enough that you keep steady with the secrets you’ve carried, carefully, reverently, and safely through the journey. Now you’re being asked to be present in a way that may make you feel obvious. Face the fact that you are a little bit larger than life right now. Everything is settling into a new aspect ratio as a geometry of light expands to bring in more awareness across the spectrum of humanity. What you’ve learned is ripe for the sharing. What you see as wisdom in others reflects what rests within yourself. What was difficult comes easier now. Remember what you’ve learned.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: The Hanged Man (reversed)

Last question for this week: Now that you have a different perspective, is it becoming more clear to you what you have to let go of before you can go full speed ahead? Maybe you thought you knew. Maybe all those little tasks you set for yourself turned out to be busy work, keeping your attention locked when what you really need is some expansion. The expansion is available. Your time of arrival is upon you. If you hold yourself back now, you may be waiting a long time for another opportunity to present itself in a way so promising, even if right now it looks daunting. As you come to grips with the fact that you can’t control everything, you can come to the realization that in coming into accord with the universe in its glorious design, there’s nothing to control. A simple shift is all it takes to get back in the swing of things, and operating on a higher level than ever.


“If we tell it like you already know it to be, then you know nothing more than you momentarily believe you know. Nemesis asks you to step aside with her and gain a larger perspective of the totality of all. After all, you have nothing to lose but a few illusions, right?”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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