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Midweek Update

No More Bloodletting

Stop the bleeding… You’re talking, but they’re not listening. They’re saying something, but you won’t hear it. Round and round fly the thoughts and words, uncatchable and missing the target. Though the communication’s not settling into place, there’s no need for that to be unsettling. In fact, the whole matter at hand, or the general lay of the land, will settle down a lot more effectively if you can do one thing and do it well. Focus on getting things into a state of normalcy. That would be the new normal, if you don’t relish the idea of replay ad infinitum. You’ve had enough nonsense; you’re full up and ready for a new kind of conversation to start. You’ve also been around the block enough times to know that conflict and contention will follow you as long as you leave a trail of blood. Time to heal old wounds.

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Barbed words and sharp thoughts have drawn their share of blood. Energy and patience have been drained. You crave something to happen, finally, once and for all, to shift this power play of inconsequential, interminable game-playing into a viable reality. You need the succor of something life-giving, something that has a positive feedback loop for your soul’s natural luminescence. You need to look in the mirror and see that light shining back at you, from you. First, remove any blades that have impaled your sense of being. Draw out the forgotten spikes and daggers left to fester, left for time to heal. Time does wonders, but you have to be proactive in rejecting the weaponry that caused the trouble. Get it out of your system. Free yourself from the bondage of old wounds. Once you do, the healing will launch you into a whole new span of possibility, a new set of circumstances, a new framework of luck.

No one said you have to forgive and forget and carry the wound forever, nor that you should expect things to always run the same circuit of nonsense to the edge of insanity. Conversations local and global will find a new paradigm, shift into a new grammar of life-affirming logic, an extended vocabulary of redefinition of self and humanity. All you have to do is shift the balance of power within. Remove the barbs. Unhook yourself. Draw out the pins that have held you captive in a collector’s shadow-box of conquests and specimens proving a dying world’s perspective on power. While you do, be sure you share what secrets to freedom you find, so that others can benefit from your brave inner maneuvers. Once all are liberated, what then for the world?

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