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Will You Taste the Forbidden Fruit?

Summary: What knowledge is this that your soul presents to you now? If you stop, relax your mind, and settle your attention on the space between time’s fluctuating dance, you will come into divine presence. You are in a potent opening of temporal secrecy emerging into your awareness. Withdraw from the chaos and be there, where your heart beckons you to be in communion with the gift of self-knowledge. You are in a powerful torquing of personal evolution now. The inevitability of rebirth calls for your full presence, for the world you know is dissolving into revelation.

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The High Priestess  — Queen of Cups — The Star

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Everything depends on how you approach your own reflection now, how you receive the divine codes revealing themselves within. Transformation is underway. #pleiadian #tarot #transformation Share on X

FOUNDATION: The High Priestess

Keepers of wisdom guard secrets. Those who know the secrets have access to power. With power comes responsibility, with knowledge comes duty. What is known in the space between is the realm of divine carriers of codes. Allow your focus to settle in the space between polarity. Come into a sense of peace and a steady gaze at the in-between, and know that you are in divine presence. Are you allowed to know what has been encoded and made precious by its relative seclusion from outright knowing? Humanity stands at an oblique angle to direct gnosis of its power. For too long, but no longer, has the scroll bearing your true history been kept in the secret chambers of those who traffic between the dualistic focus-points of positive and negative, yes and no, one way and the other. Now, the celestial bodies come closer to Earth. Time shifts and an opening presents itself… to you. Do you dare hold the gaze of the knower? Can you stand in your nonsense no longer? Stand clear and feel the worthiness that is recognized in you. The time for gnosis is at hand, forbidden no longer. Everything depends on how you approach your own reflection now, and how you receive the divine codes revealing themselves within.

LODESTONE: Queen of Cups

Gaze into your heart now, for the time has come that you find yourself safely settled with a moment to share with your own inner being. What you draw from within yourself now is filled with magical elixir of soul-stuff. Your essence, precious and secret, calls for your communion. Consider well that you drink from this sacred vial, for the heart is adept at distilling only the most pure of divine substance. Withdraw from the tumult of consciousness in upheaval; those who seek to find sense in the chaos bear no impact on your personal space. You have found a place of peace into which you are drawn. Serenity of mind is yours. Allow yourself to come into sanctuary. Be in your self. This moment exists for you to come into the sacred space of your own heart’s holiness, there to come into knowing of your truth, to reclaim your spirit. Will you drink of this distillation of time, and come to know your true power, your calling? By doing so, will you better know your fate? Even if you don’t get the full list of facts and figures outlining your life’s plan, you will come into some knowing of yourself. Be in reverence of what you bear.


A time of rebirth begins to reveal its promise and its plan. A framework of light triggers understanding, and from there it is a simple thing to come into accord with the grand design of divinity’s handiwork. You are coming to understand this already. Despite all that you have learned and experienced on your journey, is it not true that you feel no fear? Trepidation melts away, for the dimensional shift that is underway cannot sustain such a thing. More and more, you are feeling your wisdom in naked authenticity. Soon, the anything that you had hoped for will transmute from yearning to truth. Harbingers are all around you, you know. The more you pay attention and the less you solidify yourself in what was, the truth of your soul’s continuum of being will present to you reality in a sparkling newness. You’ll have a whole new geometry to learn, but the closer you get to that experience, the more it will feel like remembering. Transformation is well underway already.


“Great advances in humanity’s awakening are happen­ing. This is the result of high consciousness influences interacting with biological mechanisms which are being understood, known, and recognized by various divisions of the whole of humanity. You add to that awakening holographically as you integrate your own experience. Photon energy from your sun rearranges your code without any effort on your part. Land of the Romans’ vast empire will daylight not withstand. Quest for the grail will come to an end. Knowledge beknown will be, and secrets no more will be. Nature knows all, and Nature on your side knows only justice. Our service is to OM gaining knowledge of your experience of bipolarity.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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