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Midweek Update

Drain the Poison

Now breathe… Last week, you were encouraged to withdraw the blades from old wounds and let the healing begin. Now, withdraw into the sacred space of your breath. Take this time to recharge. Let everything drain from you: the bad blood, the poison, the toxicity. You’ve been carrying it within you for long enough. The time ahead of you requires your complete commitment to rebirth. The poison of bitter words, bitter thoughts will not lie peaceably hidden within the codes of your blood. It will roil and demand to be released. Best to let the bitterness drain quietly from you. What purpose does it serve? No longer can it fuel your ambitions or motivate your footwork in the dance of getting by in a crazy world. Better to come inside where it’s quiet, and the cool sanctuary of your inner mind can give you the space you need to prepare.

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You’ve been doing very well at facing those mental obstacles that have presented themselves lately. They’ve been creative, but so have you. Deciding to take the mantle of mastery isn’t so bad, after all, is it? You’re getting more organized in your thinking, which is opening the view to new angles of light and novel ways to separate the stuff from the nonsense and find the sanity that shines just behind and beyond the limits your mind had recognized heretofore. New life is primed to pump into your system. Prepare for what’s ahead by letting every drop of tired juice clear out. New juice is ready to infuse you with codes and sparkling vitality. Be still while the last remnants of this phase shift sorts itself out.

You’ve one last piece to gain a handle on. There’s no hurry, for it waits for you to be ready for it. Just around the corner is a concept that you’ve been wanting to dive into, a new skin you’ve been wanting to wear. You only had to earn the valor, to pick up the pluck, and you could reconsider yourself all over again. It’s well that you recognize the import of the moment. It’s good to pause in reflection, to center yourself, even to assimilate your bearings in a sliver of reverence, for to become reborn—as you are about to find out—is a holy thing in itself. There’s no telling what will happen to you when you reach around the corner and your hand meets the hilt of destiny. One thing is sure, and that is that the indistinct future will reveal something altogether new, and worthy of your soul. Prepare for reanimation.

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    not able to leave a 5 star rating, my comp probably. So an opportunity to say TY Maryann, site is looking….good! A lot of loving work put in clearly. And especially this post to say how exciting re your film lightships moving steadily along toward release.
    much love


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