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Enough Is Enough! A New Reality Is at Hand

Summary: Stubborn adherence to something that once seemed like a good idea, but which may have actually been a crutch, suddenly becomes unbearable. Do you realize that it’s the weight of what you’ve been carrying that’s warping your visual field? Some of that stuff isn’t even yours. Time to retreat to your soul-space and get reacquainted with yourself. You’ve quite a lot to pour out from your heart, and there’s no one who listens and appreciates your story quite like your own inner integrity. Your soul is there for you, waiting to remind you of the love that’s always present. As you settle into a new geometry of awareness, realize that the space you’re entering is of your own design. Clear and free of illusion, you stand at the cusp. Will you muster the courage to enter into a redefinition of self? Of course you will.

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Ten of Rods  — The Lovers — Two of Rods (reversed)

Nine's Path Pleiadian tarot channeled weekly message

It might be a good idea to re-evaluate what you're doing. Sneak away to your inner soul sanctuary. Meet yourself there. Allow things to settle, and observe. #pleiadian #tarot #transformation Share on X


Maybe changing the world isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Goodness knows, you’ve tried to do your share, and more, to ease the burden of those who can’t (or won’t) get on the bandwagon and pull together toward the goal. After all, it’s just in sight. You don’t have much further to go until… what, exactly? If you haven’t noticed, the road you thought was such a straight shot to glory (or whatever) seems to have lost integrity. Where’s the cohesion? What’s your purpose in all this? All you see is a series of tricky undulations ahead. Tap, tap on your shoulder: It might be a good idea to re-evaluate what you’re doing. Even if you feel pretty good about what you’ve been on about, if you get really honest with yourself, aren’t you a bit fed up? It’s not as if you haven’t done your best to gather the forces and rally the troops, all to the logical and very upright purpose that will save you all. You know what? Maybe it’s not your job. It doesn’t take one person, one organization, or one ideology to make things viable. It might take something else altogether. One thing is certain. You either have to stop trying to do it all or call where you are right now the end of the road. Which will it be? Or is there another way? Streamline. Drop the schtick, get authentic with yourself, and watch things make more sense.


No matter what happens, you have yourself. No matter who comes and goes, no matter what ideas take over your lens of perception to give shape and logic to reality, you have you. It’s high time you spent some quality time appreciating that. You’ve got some clear space now. If you hear the rustle of angels’ wings around you now, take the hint and raise your awareness. Even a notch will do to feel that blissful harmony that comes with integration. Go ahead. Sneak away to that sweet little corner of your inner soul sanctuary. Meet yourself there. All that honesty is just waiting to pour out, reaffirming your commitment to the path you’ve pledged to walk in partnership with your Self. Some aspect of you needs the nurturance right now, especially if you feel betrayed by the very promises you made to stick to the high road. Maybe what seemed like a good idea wasn’t such a great experience. Now you have blessed retreat in arms of one who’s always there, always waiting, always willing to absorb and transmute your secret turbulence into sweet nectar. That, dear friend, is you, your authentic and ever-present, divinely-aware-of-self you. Remember? Your old flame, your eternal light, that spark of self-knowing who never, ever gives up and always shows up just when things look their bleakest, darkest, least promising ever. Lock into that now. Everything else will fall into place from that solid point of integrated being.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Two of Rods (reversed)

Having let go of the illusion gives you some space to reflect, to contemplate your journey and weigh what you had given importance. Released from the bondage of ardent conviction to a now-defunct system of self-imposed delusion, you’ve given yourself a reprieve. Take the shifted perspective this new definition of self brings into the fullness of your regard. Stand without expectation but with full faith in what is to be. You are on the cusp of a new reality. What you have come to know has already begun to change everything. You see your world differently. You see yourself differently, and your path ahead bears little resemblance of what you had once thought it would be. No matter that, now. The wake dissolves in the water, and that’s well under the bridge, or heading that way irrevocably. As you come to terms with a rebalanced inner geometry, you will understand the relationships you’ve had with various aspects of your life, your history, and your potential. Allow things to settle, and observe. Appreciate what’s happening now. It’s worthy of your full attention, and really is the gift you’ve always wanted to give to yourself. Stand in your own strength, free from illusion, free from detrimental self-talk. Ignore the nay-sayers that struggle to overtake what rises in your awareness, especially if those nay-sayers are lodged within your own mental construct. That new inner geometry is going to project a bold new world around you, one that you’ve been primed to enter. Breathe, and trust yourself.


“Because nuclear war is imminent on your timeline, all systems are go in the area of landing our ships to evacuate people. It is men who make war who bring you to this eventuality. You, as an ideal source of energy for them, must come to recognize dense, brimming undertones of cruelty in their actions and rationale. When you do, you will truly know liberty is possible for all those who suffer.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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