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Midweek Update

Moving Forward with the Plan

What were you thinking?… Or were you even really thinking? Maybe you were just flying by the seat of your pants… or maybe you only made it seem that way. You’ve landed in a pretty good spot, but now your senses are extending outward and you sense something obscure in the distance. If you were to turn and look at it, it may not seem all that distant, after all. There’s only so far you can go in carrying the scheme before you have to drop suppositions and get real. You started doing that, inwardly. Things are in motion. It seems wise to keep some things secret for now, and that’s well and good. However, you know that whatever plans you’ve been making to carry this idea to its completion might require some re-evaluation in a more open space. If you’re really honest with yourself (and of course you will be now), it’s high time to take another look at your reasoning. It may turn out that you’re on the right track. Make sure it’s for the right reasons.

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Without a doubt, you want things to work out right, rightfully, and righteously. Take into account what you’ve already done. Ideas anchored firmly into place are there to stay. You’re moving on and that brings you into a new relationship with your accomplishments, and your goal. It’s to your advantage to carry all your plans close to your heart. You gain nothing by talking about what you want to do. Much better to move into place where you can finally—and with clarity of mind and heart—put words into action. You had a grand idea once and you gathered more details and options as you went along. Altogether, you’ve amassed a pretty impressive arsenal of plans and purposes. Before you take another step in the direction you’re headed, however, how about bending your head in the direction you’ve come from? It seems like there’s reason to scrutinize the path behind you before you go moving on ahead, if only to acknowledge that things are happening behind the scene.

There’s no way you can rebalance what you have without a complete re-evaluation of the whole. What’s been done is done, that’s for sure, but you have a nagging suspicion that you might want to look at it again. Just to gain a better idea of your underlying motivation. After all, if you want to move in a profitable direction, it’s best to have a good idea where you’re moving from. Revisit your original plan in its fullness. Having already done part of the job of putting your ideas to work, the rest of what you have to do will make better sense with that still in the picture. Don’t lose sight of it. The genesis of the plan was really something. Just wait until you unveil the whole thing. Take your time but acknowledge at least to yourself that you’ve moved beyond stage one. Even beyond stage two. Where you go next, more of the hidden scenario of your formidable mind will be revealed. At this point, don’t worry about things not working out. Just be clear in what you’re doing, and honest with yourself about your determination to the original grounds for your scheme.

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