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Weekly Message

Core Polarity Shift

Summary: Had enough of the same old story, with all its dichotomies and intrigue? Certainly, enough with the futility of duality. You hold the key to unlocking yourself from the plot. Handle it with care. Time is calling you to turn around and face destiny. You’re entering revelation mode, so keep your eyes trained on the beyond and trust what you have been honing in your understanding of things. Inevitability beckons. How much joy are you able to handle? It depends on how willing you are to rise in your fullness of being, and unleash the flow of self-expression. This new direction is looking promising!

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Five of Swords  — Queen of Swords — Ace of Cups

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Trust that mistakes are correctable and routes fluid. Free of suppositions, you can more freely unleash what you hold inside. Inevitability beckons. #pleiadian #tarot #transformation Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Five of Swords

Things are suddenly becoming very clear to you. In a sense, anyway. It may not be that what you have to say is the thing that will suddenly make things clear to others. It may even be that those words you hold on the tip of your tongue are better left unsaid. Words have a tendency to linger, when they cut. They can continue to draw blood long after the reverberations of their utterance dies away. They can embed themselves within the mind of someone ill-equipped to handle the veracity — or ferocity — with which they are said. Realize that right now you have a clear delineation in your sights, an understanding that makes a clear cut between the way things have been and the way you consider that they should be. All that’s led you to this moment of supposed clarity gives you the sense that you have risen from the plane of duality into a higher mode of operation. In fact, you may be overlooking one salient point. While you have a thought to deliver, you also have the power to choose what to do. As you find yourself in a moment of pause, stop and think. Would your words cause further division where already there is enough grief and disillusionment? Would standing tall in the realization of your present place along your journey give you the magnanimity to simply drop the issue? Consider well before you say your piece, and take into account the welfare of all concerned. Sometimes, winning is losing, and celebrating is gloating. What’s your point? Careful how you deliver it.

LODESTONE: Queen of Swords

Stripping illusions has an invigorating effect. At your core, you simply quake with potential energy. Free of suppositions, you can more freely unleash what you hold inside. You can be more authentic. Are you ready for that? Can you maintain your balance as the unknown, innate potential becomes the unpredictable exhilaration of being? It will require you to shift from dwelling on the dark past and the shadows of the land to facing in a direction quite divergent from what you’re used to. Gain a new temporal appreciation of yourself. There is no need to forget what you no longer are; what you have decided to become has already acted upon the networking of your sense of self, bypassing memory and pockets of defunct conceptualization. There is no need to let it go, but rather to allow yourself to feel the pull of the future. It is home to you as much as this moment now is. You have been ruthless with yourself in these past iterations of becoming, these steps you have bravely taken toward the act of personal renaissance. As you settle your gaze on the grand revelation of honor as a soul meeting its destiny, maintain your inner gaze at that point just beyond what you know. It will lead you.


Will you be happy with this new you? You’ll find out. Trust that you will be happy. Trust that mistakes are correctable and that routes are fluid. Trust that what awaits is different from what you’ve left, or what has left you. Once the healing is complete, the becoming can take on a new dimension. You are approaching a state of beginning that redefines and simultaneously reaffirms your story. Time’s dissolution reveals the true grandeur of your awesome, authentic being. All that was recedes and all that is to be rises, and amid it all, you feel the totality of your human potential. If you don’t yet have an inkling of that, don’t worry, don’t despair, and don’t lose sight of all that remains yet in potential, amorphous and yet undefined, within that formidable mind of yours. Prepare for all that understanding to pour its distilled, refined substance into the crucible of a fully activated, emotionally mature expression of self. You are in perfection when you are in this awareness. From there, anything is possible. You have the blessing not only of Love’s divine source, but also of your own mind. All the courage you’ve yet mustered has brought you to this threshold. You have what it takes to shine, yes, and more than that, to inspire the realization of grace.


“Co-creation lasts as long as you want it to. Practically, alas, amounts of your energy is glad to maintain outmoded manifestations of suffering, guilt, and self-deception, which you are apt to give over your divine nature to in return for security of the familiar. Of course, it is your energy to do with what you please, but understand this: You are free to choose from all your alternate realities how your energy patterns find a resonant frequency.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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