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Midweek Update

Be Your Own Fairy Godmother

Do you believe? … Just when you need a little stardust—or a little hope—you might have a wish for a fairy godmother to pop in and tap you with a sparkling wand full of “fix-it”. How much energy you can expend focusing on making a miracle happen. Sometimes, in she comes waltzing, that kindly elder with a twinkle in her eye. It may not be magic but wisdom that soothes your nerves, insight that opens doors where all you perceived was a wall, and trust in the flow of life that instills in you a needed sense of calm. She’s been through life’s storms and gained the power of lightning in a bottle. Even if she’s more on the sour side of sweet, you can still learn some secrets from her, and maybe she’ll even grant some favors. Who knows? Even Nemesis has her charms, and she seems to come waltzing in along with those wishes. Sometimes, it can make you wonder which is the cause and which the effect. Things so often are not exactly what they seem.

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Now here you are, facing what you hope is a paper tiger, looking at what seems like insurmountable odds, a muddy slope strewn with rocks. You thought you were over the rocky bit. You search for the moxie to get yourself through this next stretch of life’s challenge. If you knew what lay just ahead, perhaps you wouldn’t worry so much. Perhaps you’d have a better sense of your reserves and feel your strength more fully in your mind and body. It might be just as well that you don’t know, and act. Pretend you have the magic wand. Close your eyes and imagine the crown of stars and the glittering cape, the winged shoes or whatever other device carries your spirit aloft. Own your bulldozer-like power and plow through the shadows of self-deception, sure in your direction toward glory. If only you knew how close to it you really are.

Since the likelihood of visitation by fairy godmother is slim to none, in the traditional storybook-illustration kind of way, you might as well look a little closer to home to find that hidden dimension where the magic pours into your life. Start with the closest mirror. You won’t have to go further than that, but what dimensions you’ll open when you take a good, long look at what you see there. Recognize in yourself the wisdom you seek to find the right answer. Recognize in yourself the perpetual shimmer of otherworldly light, and let it gently reveal to your tired eyes the secrets that hide in the darkness you see. Rest in your mind and direct your inner energies upward and outward, and rise in the spiraling Nine to a new perspective. Everything will change when you do. You’re at the edge of a shift. You’re there with many who are likewise awakening to the reality of change. It’s actually getting crowded at the threshold, so don’t be surprised if it feels somewhat intense. Lighten up. Relax. Expand. Trust in what seems like magic inside of you. In just a moment, you’ll find out what it really is, and before you know it you’ll be on the other side of impossible.

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