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Weekly Message

Attitude Adjustment for Higher Flight

Summary: Nurturing your inner reserves now will serve you well as the demands of change come into the picture more fully. Tune in to your core being now and you’ll come face to face with that nameless majesty you carry within your outward form. With that will come greater clarity, and better judgment about how you’ve been navigating. Directing yourself without the torquing effect of heavy self-definition will better enable you to gain the point of view where what had the taint of madness will make more wholesome sense. Again, the time has come where you’re asked to let go of some filter you’d grown accustomed to interpreting reality through. Let it go and you’ll soon be on higher ground, with a broader and more deeply satisfying state of mind.

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Strength (reversed)  — Wheel of Fortune (reversed) — Eight of Cups

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Constant adjustment to your mental algorithm can blur the truth of a thing. Do you need more convolutions to your modes of thought, or fewer & more direct? #pleiadian #tarot #transformation Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Strength (reversed)

The immensity of power that you feel within you is likely not matching what you’re showing to the world. That doesn’t mean you aren’t going to show it, nor does it mean you’re not capable of putting it out there. In fact, there’s more strength in maintaining your position, focus, and balance in this moment than any amount of decisive action could possibly display. You know exactly what you’re capable of, even if you haven’t got the words to put to it just yet. True power exists beyond the limits that you could explain, anyway. Whatever setbacks have appeared, you’re wise to sit quietly and consider what they have to teach you. Your mental projections are taking shape more and more in clear-cut ways, unmistakable in their latent meaning, obvious even in their cryptic state. All you need to do is expand your thinking, just a little bit from where you are, and keep up that momentum, for clarity of intention to harden into directed and forceful effect. What’s happening now is the calm before the storm, the peaceful inbreath before the reality-shifting utterances from your inner being forever alter the lay of the land. You’re settled into a peaceful pocket of energy-gathering reflection now. Soon, however, your presence will be felt.

LODESTONE: Wheel of Fortune (reversed)

You’ve witnessed something that seems to be fated not taking in the breath of life you may have anticipated it to. Are you going to yet pin your hopes on a shining hope that merely glitters without the substance to back it up? Think, now, on how you’ve contributed to this moment of impending disillusionment. Have you fooled yourself into believing in a pipe dream? In giving yourself the benefit of the doubt, however, you can regain your footing as the fates of fortune turn. Regain your balance by forgiving any lack of understanding that may have come from incomplete or faulty discernment, input, or interpretation. Re-settle yourself in the center of self-awareness, the still point of perfect balance where you lean neither to one side nor the other of any wind-borne occurrence, any thought, fancy, or supposition. Strip yourself of those weights that you’ve grown habituated to wearing, those conglomerations of mental certainties which, blind to their offsetting ballast, you have trained yourself to counter. Constant adjustment to your own mental algorithm can have the effect of blurring the truth of a thing. It sets you out of kilter with the prevailing conditions of change that are ever upon you, ever at work to drive you toward the perfection of being in which everything is, quite simply, clear. Have you allowed circumstance and distraction to cloud your vision? In that case, rise above the layer of mist that forms when opposing forces meet. Rise far higher than you have grown accustomed to calling “higher perspective” and remember how your true self sees. Then, you’ll find, peace is waiting to prevail.


So soon, you feel the call to turn and see what the ever-moving wheels of cosmic rendition have in store. How is it that yet again you see it’s time to abandon what you’ve been working on understanding, building, and pinning your hopes upon? Is that really what’s going on, though? Is it that you were misled or is it that you’ve come to (yet another) point of breakthrough? While illumination can come in a flash, true understanding can take time to filter through the lenses of perception you’ve been working with. Maybe it’s not so much that you’ve come to the point of leaving a situation completely—though that may well serve your next phase of movement—maybe it’s that you’ve come to the point of relinquishing a lens. Too many filters may reveal aspects of reality, for sure, but in the absence of needing them at all, can you not see things for how they truly are? To be fair, doing without a particular layer of your mindset may require a systemic adjustment. However, consider: do you really need more convolutions to your modes of thought, or fewer and more direct? It depends on whether you are aiming for belief or gnosis. The choice is yours, and soon it will be settled.


“No amount of polishing will show you who you are without the lens of who-you-aren’t being affixed and adjusted to focus on your soul. You are a being of infinite possibility and open-ended dream-making. Your soul offers you the keys to the universe. It is your choice which doors you unlock.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted with link to original post.

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