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Everybody calm down… Somebody’s making sense of things. If you pay attention, you might learn a thing or two. After all, what good is wisdom for its own sake, if it can’t be appreciated and—most importantly—acted upon by those who are still acquiring it? Here’s the thing to remember right now: For all that you have encountered in your life’s journey, there are others who have encountered something too. Different things, maybe not better or bigger or more important… though it may seem that way for all the bluster and pomposity that sometimes accompanies one who’s been traveling along the narrow pathway of gaining insight into this thing called life. For the truly wise one, nothing escapes scrutiny. It is the fool who places too much importance on triviality. See what you can discern from what you’ve encountered yourself, and put things into the perspective of one who has arrived at a point of wise reckoning.

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One hallmark of wisdom is remaining calm in the midst of a storm. A storm may well have gathered around the perimeter of your space, but that need not cause you to lose your equilibrium nor your poise. Wisdom is coming to roost, so remain still and receptive while you witness what chaos unfolds. You’re beyond getting pulled into that kind of turbulence now. You’ve found a spot where you can get a good perspective on everything you’ve thus far experienced, witnessed, and done. Can you now consider your motivations, and strip everything from that central core that obscures the pure, loving light of your original intent? You are here to be and to do more than accumulate experience. While you are busy being, consider that you are also experiencing transfiguration of a type. Rising from the shredded remains of a cocoon, take a deep breath and expand…

Can you feel the solidity of your mental being firmly ensconced within a column of light, a beam of pure intelligence that connects you here now to the you you have descended from? Be that your soul or your ancestry, the truth of your being is that you find yourself here, now, carrying a uniquely packaged dimensionality of light-encoded is-ness. You are the emanation of a truth of being. You, yourself, have arrived at the threshold of this realization, have you not, in some form or other? If the truth of that escapes you, take a look at where you’ve come from. Gaze with peace at your path and know that you bear the purity of your truth yet. All the battles you’ve waged, all the political moves you’ve endured, the assaults on your character, the questioning of your intent… all of this is behind you now. Regard it with the peace of one who has beheld the building blocks of wisdom, and let the serene composure of one who’s finally got the message of authenticity in the marrow.

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