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Weekly Message

Recollection of Joy

Summary: If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you might just stumble across something delightfully novel. Let it spark your creative thinking. You’ll need it, as things are rapidly changing in a big way. You can’t keep doing things the way you’ve grown accustomed to doing. After all, by doing so, you’ve managed to accumulate a lot of worry and care. What you need is some playtime. If you can’t remember how to play, sit down and let your burden rest for a moment. Reconnect to your inner harmonic of joy. From there, you’ll gather just the energies you need to create a wonderful new reality.

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Page of Cups  — Ten of Rods (reversed) — Six of Cups

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Soon, you'll realize that massive change has been building. New energy is here. Ride the wave of potential. Get to know yourself all over again. #pleiadian #tarot #reinventyourself Share on X

FOUNDATION: Page of Cups

Have you been heeding the nudges pushing you toward personal rejuvenation? Are you noticing that newcomers to this world carry a special something that strikes you as truly remarkable? Look around, both outside of your normal purview and within your customary parameters of self-assessment. Notice anything new? Out of character? Pay attention, if you do, and if you don’t pay attention even more closely to what arises from your cup. Another way of thinking, a new perspective, a total overhaul of who you determine yourself to be are all on the docket. It’s high time for that, too. Soon, you’ll realize that massive change has been building and is right now crashing through the boundaries of normalcy. Things are surprising you left and right, and if they aren’t they should at least be affirming your sense of the absurd, ironic, avant-garde. They should also be helping you sweep clear the usual, stale, and stultifyingly conventional. New energy is here. It’s arrived. It’s taking form, first within your own awareness and reflected to corroborate itself in the world around you, in people, happenings, and creative urges. There’s no need to waste time wondering where this creativity is coming from. Ride the wave of potential. It’s a good day to get to know yourself all over again.

LODESTONE: Ten of Rods (reversed)

You are aware, are you not, that you alone are not expected to herald in a glorious new world? All by your lonesome, you can’t possibly. Well, that is fairly true, but in a sense, you are the creator of your domain. Rather than carrying everything yourself, why not create some help? You can use the company. A burden shared is a burden halved, and soon what had been looming as a dirge suddenly becomes a happy cavalcade. The next step you take under the weight of care should be the one in which you declare your freedom. Be prepared for the steps that follow with mindful and somewhat brutal honesty with yourself, at least until there’s someone else around to hear what you’re saying. Confess your fears to ears connected to wise hearts. Take a pause from trudging along with your worries and lay them down for a moment. It’s quite likely you won’t need to outright ask for help if you hold the intention in your inward being that you are open to what help may come. Consider delegating, sharing, divvying up the difficulty at hand. That may be as easy as reconciling yourself to the fact that worry probably isn’t going to change circumstances. Opening your arms, however, just may.


Remember how good things used to be, back in the good old days? Even if you can’t pinpoint specifically some remembrance that brings you a sense of wistful recollection, you can at least give your blessing on the fact that you survived. That act alone can begin a process of clearing debris from the past to reveal a homestead of trust in some connection that remains to your soul. Letting bygones be bygones certainly defuses any circuitry of trauma, at least enough that you can begin the inner reparations. When you do realize that life ain’t so bad, go further in your connection to your roots. Let arise in your awareness the simple things that have always been part of your inner world of self. Revisiting your I AM-ness may yield some surprising and delightful revelations. Zero in on that inner harmonic that has endured all life’s turbulence, and which endures still. Come into that pure frequency of self and from there, allow everything around you to normalize to its reverberations. Spontaneously, effortlessly, life may just reaffirm itself to you in some playfully authentic ways. Thus, you can create a new normal for you that works out just fine.


“Often, predictions of doom are made by prophets or seers, but not very often are predictions made on drastic events by only dreamers or children. But recently you have heard just such big things being dreamt about and spoken about by our tiniest people quite spontaneously, quite isolated from each other, quite candidly. More you will hear of soon. Other locked realities will be unlocked soon, and other openings open, too.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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