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Play a Game of Pick Up Sticks

No way out… As tangled and complex as everything seems to be right now, you can’t be blamed for looking for an easy way out. Try as you might to find that secret side exit door, it’s illusive and disappears as soon as you reach out to grab the handle. Yes, things may be a bit of a mess. Yes, you might be, too. Confusion and complexity go hand in hand, at least for a time. However, the interesting thing about complexity is how it eventually resolves into elegant simplicity. When the thread of truth is finally the one you have hold of, it’s only a matter of time until you weave your way through the knot and arrive at a surprisingly satisfactory conclusion. However, you have to pick up the right thread. Right now, there are so many to choose from! Take a breath and blink your eyes. Get clear in your head and empty your heart of all those pestering worries that have you in a state of doubt. Emotionality is only going to cloud the picture.

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If, in fact, there is no easy way out, perhaps the thing to do is to target yourself inward instead. Often, the space outside of the self-containment bubble you hold yourself in gets surprisingly cramped. The intensity of the lensing effect of personal perspective, torqued by worry, second-guessing, and overstimulation, can make any kind of movement most uncomfortable. In such conditions, the tiniest move can feel like it has the effect of the whole world crashing down. When you sense the uncertainty of intense atmospheric conditions, whether that be in the physical or psychic realm, come inside. There is no need to put yourself into the chaos of a world in the moment of shifting from one angle of reality-diffraction to another. There are some who are called to be in position for managing those bigger shifts, and if that’s you, you still do well to be very much within your inner spiritual cockpit. If you’re working holographically on more immediate concerns, or inner mindframe adjustments, the same applies.

As you regard the various aspects of your set of circumstances, get still so you can understand what you’re doing. Mainly, you are observing, choosing where your thoughts go, and determining the validity of what you find as you reach conclusions. Beside the stray thoughts that lay around as outliers, distinct and easy to deal with, the things that present themselves to you as your task of the moment are all somehow interrelated. Like a great pile of pick-up sticks, each has some bearing on the others. Mental mikado becomes more fun and less tense when you shift yourself into the logical detachment of observing, choosing, and projecting your potential experience with each engagement. Each of your actions will have an effect on other potentials. Since you don’t want to end up with one mess following another, take your time. Act from cool intuition-based assurance, rather than unpredictable fear-based reaction. This is the way to a steady hand, and a clear field of play. Above all, resist the urge to throw everything away. Slow and steady, in this moment, may just ratchet you up in mastery.

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