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Weekly Message

Mother Nears

Summary: The past week’s tumultuous, if not explosive, events, whether internal or external to your experience, have shifted into a new reality. Birth is imminent; it has not yet revealed what is to come. As you enter into the rhythm of chaos settling into a modulated key, watch your thoughts, monitor your words. Even the smallest expressions of bitterness do more to contribute to division and mistrust. Tune into what emerges from your heart. Guide your own renaissance. Everything will follow.

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Two of Swords (reversed) — Five of Swords — Queen of Cups (reversed)

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Birth is imminent; it hasn't revealed what's to come. As you enter the rhythm of chaos settling into a modulated key, watch your thoughts, monitor words. #pleiadian #divinelight #transformation #worldchange Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Two of Swords (reversed)

Recent events have you at a crossroads on many levels of your being. Suddenly, things are not making sense, at least on the plane of the visible world. What you see has you so at odds with yourself, with your ideals, your vision, that you have done the only thing you could do: withdraw into the inner world. You can’t make a decision about your direction forward until you sort things out, and that simply seems impossible in the realm of activity and expression. All that’s happening is blocking access to the heart. Empathy is in short supply from moment to moment, and witnessing the unsettled nature of a changing world only accentuates that. How have you succumbed to the choppy waters of change? Are you monitoring the thoughts that arise to take form as words, in the midst of what for all you can see appears as turbulence, chaos, uncertainty? If so, are you becoming aware of how you are contributing to the nature of the sea change? You cannot, alone shift the tides. Even if you find others that are sympathetic to your vision, you would be hard-pressed to turn the sea to your favor. What’s happening is bigger than you can fathom at this moment. If you feel the tug of inner currents, turn toward them, for they are beckoning you into an amniotic state. Mother Nature moves into labor pains, and needs your support. You cannot force her to give birth, nor can you determine the nature of what is coming. You can only be present, patient, and responsive. She trusts you.

LODESTONE: Five of Swords

Mixed feelings and a grim outlook can contribute substance to overblown ideas. While that may suit a need for having a sense of power, at its core it’s chaos, so be aware of what’s going on around you while you settle into the eye of an inner storm. With planning and careful attention to what it is you really want to say, you can avoid some of the less desirable effects now possible. Spinning in chaos is one thing, and a wonderful thing when it is taken as a dance of evolution. However, spinning with sharp blades requires the utmost skill and flow, lest inadvertent injury causes karmic consequences. Your thoughts may have steely points to them now. Beware of how you move and what you say. You can choose your steps, no matter what your unidirectional mindset is right now. Let your focus be more zen than dogmatic, so that even if you are maintaining focus in a singular direction, you can avoid doing the damage that so often comes with insistence at the expense of tolerance. What is it, exactly, that you’re driving at right now? Even the little thoughts you have flitting through your awareness can be deadly to the spirit, so wield them with care. Mastery is your calling in this moment. Be aware. How you handle your mind right now could very well be alienating the very thing you want to save. There’s an element of hypocrisy hovering at the edge of the present ordeal. The very nature of sensibility calls for your attention. Be vigilant within. Watch your thoughts, choose your words.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Queen of Cups (reversed)

It may seem as if all is lost, but the faith of loving hearts never fails. It could appear that what’s happening outside of you has turned the very world on its head. Stay steady in your own inner sanctum. Observe what happens when you choose your engagements with care, when you channel your passion into life giving itself new terms of living. The birth pangs will eventually give way to new life, wonderment, something precious that you hold with great care and awe. Such a thing will be yours, for it has always been destined to be. Move through the chaos and emerge into peaceful waters, yet be careful that you don’t allow acrimony to fester in the time leading up to a shift in energetic awareness. Let any bitterness be medicine, and allow the inner transformations to develop naturally, in step with the design of the divine template encoded in your very being. Observe with care everything that emerges from the chalice of your heart, and with loving incantations to your self’s arrival in the sphere of divine self-awareness, whisper encouragement for those lesser emotional strands to modulate into the most sublime of exalted attributes. What is currently underway is destined for glory, if only you can carry your faith in time’s rebirth.


“You will be the generation to witness a complete transition of world-mongering political machinations into the true love that is the birthright of the people who inhabit Earth in conscious harmony with the planet herself. It is a time long anticipated not only for the joy that freedom from perceptual enslavement brings, but also for the boundless brightness shining from within the heart of humankind on Earth. You have this light in you and we have a light within our people that shines with the same brilliance you are capable of generating. In this light we are in unity, and in this light we can see each other clearly. In the light that is dawning on your planet, we will be able to be as a family, in full remembrance of our common origin and in remembrance of the shining time that we were together long ago on a world less inhabited by greed and callous hidden gold-diggers than it is today.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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