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Midweek Update

Now You Can Finally Be Happy

Are you happy? In this moment, there is nothing but what you make of it. You have that much power, but power doesn’t necessarily bring happiness. You can’t drag it toward yourself, even if you have an idea of what it looks like, even if you’ve hitched yourself to it. Try as you might to do so, you could end up with the bare bones of something far different, having dragged the ideas and presuppositions from it, in your quest for ownership. For all you’ve studied, for all you’ve learned and tucked in your sleeve over lifetimes of observation and experience, it’s one trick that proves quite elusive. Happiness is, after all, a state of mind, and that is quite a fragile thing indeed. Sooner or later, reality crashes in with blasts of light and thundering epiphanies, leaving you with little else than shattered hopes and dreams. Hasn’t it been that way? Does that mean it always will be? Hardly the case, but you do need to adjust yourself to understand the potency of this particular moment, if you are to harness all it offers.

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What you’ve been holding onto can be a bit of a mystery. White-knuckled, you may have within your grasp what you know will be The Thing that secures your happiness once and for all. You’ve been very sure all along that this is the case. With that certainty, you haven’t noticed your grip getting more and more rigid; you might have missed the tiny yelps of alarm escaping from your hold as you’ve unwittingly been squeezing the life out of those things you’ve claimed as living truths. Be careful, now, lest you destroy that thing you hold most dear. Relax a bit, direct your attention to what has been engrossing your mind. Does it have the same contour it once did? Have you been impressing an artificial shape upon something that by rights has its own expression and form? Thoughts are powerful things. Unbidden and unheeded, they can take the very essence of a thing and thus rob you of discovery of life’s secret rejuvenative power.

While you have kept your hands full with cares and concerns, have you neglected those things that have been seeking the cradle of your embrace? Happiness comes, it pokes and tugs to find a way into the core of your being. Finding only a fist, it waits. What does happiness observe in the meantime? Seeking some opening, does it find tension or an opening? Perhaps it’s time to release your grip on those things you’ve been holding onto so tightly. Let them breathe. Let yourself breathe. Not just to pause, but to allow life to flow back into those spaces where unremitting tension has kept all sense and sensibility from flushing the system. It’s time to prepare for a reset of sorts, to release not just those certainties you’ve been grasping from your hand, but to release yourself from what they have meant. Happiness brings with it a whole new standard of understanding. You can’t find that by holding onto either the past or the future, to what you planned or what you’ve honored as custom, convention, or protocol. It’s only now where that exists, and now is tugging at your sleeve. It’s up to you when you’ll engage with it.

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    we need more stars to choose from 🙂 Gratitude for ‘all’ that you do Maryann. This from one who sometimes “disagrees” [and friends can disagree] Gratitude….gratitude…gratitude.


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