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Nemesis Leaves in Blessing

Summary: Within the sharp backward look at the trail you have traveled in the depths of weeks past, allow the light of blessing to find a place to be. After all, everything has been arranging itself while you’ve been busy with what has put itself in your path. Now it’s time to see that what you have to set into place in the reality you participate in is about ready to reach its destination and full empowerment. A backward glance may bring memories to the fore, and with blessing and self-understanding, you are ready to see your life as a creation of a soul in league with a master designer. Make no doubt that Nemesis has given you a boost; with blessing as she leaves, let the poison go with her. That’s what she was present to bring out of you, after all. What remains leads to a new grounding in the lighted land of divine understanding.

Nine of Rods — Ten of Pentacles — Seven of Swords (reversed)

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot blessing

FOUNDATION: Nine of Rods

Looking back, you regard the terrain you have covered with some sense of accomplishment, but not without having been harrowed. For all you have done, you have yet one last piece to put into order. While you have been busy dealing with those things that have commanded your attention, affairs of the world outside your immediate venture have been organizing themselves, and are in various stages of finding discretionary balance within the whole. Events have been setting themselves into alignment with a greater objective, one that rises up from fertile ground of human creative endeavor. Have you made certain that you have seen what has the essential necessity of attention and blessing? Are you becoming adept at garnering sense from the clues given to you? Are you really paying attention now? What you have to put into juncture with the grand array of action readying to spread open its design is just as essential as any other contribution. Be focused on where you began, and be ready to push yourself forward. You are in good company. Your leadership is becoming unmistakable, as is your creativity.

LODESTONE: Ten of Pentacles

You know that it’s all been worth it. Memories may arise to remind you of the path you have trod, and it is well now to gather them within the understanding that the life you are creating is of a grand design. Look at every facet of what presents itself now as “you” and allow it to come into a shimmering focus within a framework of having made something with what you had at your disposal. If you do, you will see that you are on a path leading to wisdom and contentment, having lost nothing of your dream nor of your living hope. In this moment, it is to your advantage to allow yourself a pocket of rest within that cohesion of temporal coordinates of self-reflection. You remember your understanding of who you have been in moments cast in color and sound, yet who you are becoming is only reflected in the shine you bring to blessing those moments. Look upon what you are becoming as a creation in time, yet timeless and unattached to the anchor of memory. With the love of finding your essence within the facets of singular blessings given to time’s etchings upon your soul, you attain the greatest contentment this now-moment has to offer.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Seven of Swords (reversed)

Arrival in this sphere of self-understanding, as full as it may be in the moment, has the potential to squeeze out the toxicity of what time has set in your mind. Like blades sharpened with deceit, the thoughts littering the landscape of memory are capable of cutting you to pieces, quite literally. However, having gained the upper territory of mind, you realize there really is no deceit that compares to the sharpness of self-deception. In the days ahead of you, as you reflect on where you have traveled since the start of what has been your latest adventure, let remain only those modes of mind which lead to the divinity within raised consciousness. The self that has been entertaining Nemesis, in the meantime, has fulfilled its service, and will be only too happy to cart off those defunct and deprecated modes of thought that serve you no longer in your quest to find a brighter day. Blessing the healing inherent in letting go, feel the rapiers slip smoothly away and bid your Nemesis adieu.

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