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Distillation Made Manifest

Summary: Last week’s standoff has matured into a distillation of essential forces. What power and emotion were, mind and heart bring into the moment of coming into balance, toward the singularity of recognition and identification. You have done the work of diving deep into the core of your power, and you find yourself now bearing the parallax crystallization of a mind sharpened and pure. Cool steadiness is not the same as emotionlessness, however; for within what presents itself is an opportunity to come into the sacred space of your heart. You know that what you find there is what you have with your own hands wrought. This week will be the test of bringing heart and mind into accord and counterpoint. This week leads to the manifestation of a moment of sobriety and peace, of wisdom, of poise, and rest. Arrival.

King of Swords (reversed) — Knight of Cups (reversed) — King of Pentacles 

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot distillation

FOUNDATION: King of Swords (reversed)

With words of peace, you close your argument. You have stood by your principles and allowed them to be streamlined, sharpened to a point of singularity in crystalline purity. Already you are seeing signs of life return to your personal landscape, and seeing where your own brilliance has given its light to the world of your making. This is a time to reclaim silence. The code you carry establishes its mark on what you bring into manifest form. And now you are ready to stand. However, there remains some balance to bring within the inner realm of your mind. Can you feel the life seeping into your roots, the familiar emissaries of thought again returning? Wait and let the feathers you’ve gathered over years of diligence put toward your ascension surround you with the wisdom hard won, of maturity and steady flight. You have arrived at the pinnacle of a train of thought that has brought you through terrain to test your mettle. Now stand you firm and clear. Be ready when fortune leads you forward from your solitude. Where you have to go is for now in the completion stage of its development. Launch time is coming. The gathering time has come.

LODESTONE: Knight of Cups (reversed)

Are you content with what you have? It is the distillation of the fruits of your endeavors. Reflect on what you have come to see in the previous weeks’ journeys through the circuitous pathways now leading to new territory. Exploration of a new world is just ahead of you, and inevitability has come beneath your feet as you journey toward greater knowing of self. Be disciplined now in looking into your heart, and make no mistake that what you find there is the sustenance you will depend on for the next part of your journey. Perhaps a heady joy gets more real now, and lapses into self-reflection. Are you able to flow into a more sober state of mind, while at the same time feeling within the peace of meeting yourself a kind of rejuvenation of your mission? What lay ahead of you has yet to be determined. Perhaps there is a drop of wisdom in turning to countenance your past in an ennobled humility. Perhaps in this is the balance of power restored, where the mind and heart find resonance within the light of amalgamation of spiritual identity. Steady now, as you learn to trust. Your first move forward goes with the blessing of what peace of mind you have gained.


The fruits of the realizations made in the past few weeks are beginning to bear the first blush of color, and regal does it promise to be. Have you managed to meld the steady gaze of matured inner will with the tenderness of a heart in receipt of its distillation of merit? This is the way to move from the field lain waste to the fertile vineyards your sovereign self have bid welcome to. As you move from disbelief to settled awareness, become more aware that the battles fought to right the wrongs have sunk into your being with firm resolution and wisdom gained. It is not without knowing the difficulties you have come through that you look upon the path you have traveled. In a sharper and more defined light, you can see where you have come from to find yourself settled in the seat of one who has the world in gravitas and grace. Manifestation is yours. The way from thought to thing requires a deviation into the uncharted territories of the heart. Respect that and know you will arrive.


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