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Deep Inquiry

Summary: In the present moment, you may sense an elemental standoff. Deep inquiry is leading to a reversal in perspective, where the field of awareness is brought to a deeper level. Now is a moment to pause, to breathe, to bring into balance of power those forces that could otherwise spell destruction to each other. Too long they have been kept at odds. In diving into the inquiry of state, of state of mind, of status, new understanding can be found. While the moment lingers, let the mirror reveal an identification of those strata of the social order and the internal understanding of self. Oppositional points of view can recognize each other and harmonize. Be ready to stand firm and suffused with the light of the truth you find there, as depleted powers come to face the reality of reclamation of power from the clutches of pretense.

Nine of Rods (reversed) — King of Cups (reversed) — Knight of Pentacles

nine's path pleiadian tarot weekly spread opalescent nine inquiry

FOUNDATION: Nine of Rods (reversed)

Have you carved out your space amid the turmoil of last week? There may still be the lingering struggle to right yourself in the prevailing climate of change. The fires that broke out in the skies last week, as a structure of belief was hit by an unexpected blow, have drenched you in their brazen colors. The blast has also knocked you off of your familiar grounding patterns and set up the circumstance for decisive action on your part, in the way you choose to see. Yet you maintain your grip on the essential core of your own being. Perhaps you have tried out a few other points of view before coming upon the one that feels right. What you’ve decided to hold on to will help you find the polarity that gives you the movement forward you’re focused on now. Don’t worry if you’ve done a complete flip in regard to what you were seeing before. The essential truth of the thing is still with you, still serving you, still very much alive and ready to express itself. It may be that seeing things from a new perspective, dizzying though it can be, will hone your vision ever sharper. Now is not a time to let go of your hard-won empowerment but a time of inquiry. In the face of the odds challenging what you have to present, everything you’ve been developing is coalescing to support you in a promising new direction. Be prepared for what comes next, and maintain an awareness of what it is you want to achieve. Maybe now you’re more ready to join the movement that’s burgeoning around you. Every individual voice, every life now chooses. A moment of pause is called for. Honor it. You’re ready for the moment that’s coming.

LODESTONE: King of Cups (reversed)

What’s been seen as promise may be taking the present moment to withdraw. Looking at the bigger picture, this is a time of inbreath, of allowing a recalibration of outside perspective to see what is in the process of waking up to its nature and its character. News is yet to be made known, but it comes on waves and promises to be big. Feel into the space within yourself and notice what’s happening there. If it seems that your happiness is in the hands of another, superimpose your own hand and lay claim with the power of one whose word the fundamentals of nature obey. Be willing to linger as you approach the time where your regal inner nature merges with the energy of a new and vital vision. Take your time lest the fires of a land ablaze with transformation come too close to the incoming waves of conscious awareness. You are seeking clarity, not mist. Let the elements find the balance, knowing that in time, the truth will give the seat of power to the one who maintains his hand on his heart. Your allegiance to yourself is inseparable from the truth of who you are yet to become. Now is a time when the preparation to be the sovereign leader lets the moment bring alignment with a new perspective. Meet it, reflect on it, feel it. Go into that territory with a feeling of balance and detente. Harmonize. Maintain your joy.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Knight of Pentacles

You bear your truth if you bear nothing else. What’s ahead is clarity, but not until the symbols of false power are let down. The horns collapse, the flame shrivels, and the laurel wreath succumbs as the twisted two-faced cavalrymen are brought to face what you have to say. Half in disbelief, half in wild fury, having plowed up the earth behind them in a wake of doing their deeds, they now confront a sharp stop. What they had held upside-down in satanic obviation of nature’s way is given back to them righted. You will have spoken. Having dove down deep and turned your eye with willingness to see the underside of what is, you have the opportunity before you now to correct the course of a lie and give the bearer of it the light that had been denied. A swift rise in awareness brings the destructive path to a halt. The landscape of life is still very much alive and well. It’s time to get out of a rut and let yourself see the imbalance and disfigurement in what had been allowed to pose as power and carry action forward. If you ask the one who had donned the elite wreath of authority a question, can you short-circuit the demolition of self? The right of the sovereign individual now approaches in inquiry. You already know. Cling to brutal honesty. Your future is ready to be sown.


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    >>Oppositional points of view can recognize each other and harmonize.<< amen
    and with the help of Pleiadian Hearts even forgive. Ty Maryann

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    AWSOME THANKS . I really needed this, I’m always searching for someone to just give out truth for a change instead of this play on words, they think we want to hear , I want truth to power. So tried of the hidden agendas


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