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Seeds of Abundance

Summary: You’ve learned by now that everything you do is going to have an effect on your experience. What you contribute now can be revolutionary, and very promising for the future. While you stand at the meeting point of opposite reality bases, know you are at a point of infinite potential. What you bring into being is in accord with where you have your inner essence rooted. Have you found divine connection with your higher mind? If you are wise, you’ll focus on the moment that Time has poured into your hand. Stay open to that light, and trust that it’s there. If you’re daring in reframing how you see the edifice of power, you can free yourself, and turn free-fall into flying. Life has an abundance of light and power to plant in the uprooted bastions of an outmoded archive of destruction. You’ve traveled far, and maybe over difficult terrain. Train your eyes high and recognize the abundance of love that’s waiting to restore delight.

Temperance — The Tower (reversed) — Ten of Cups

Nine's Path Pleiadian tarot

FOUNDATION: Temperance

With all that you’ve distilled in recent weeks and months, what have you arrived with? Does your cup overflow or does it seem unfillable? Don’t fear, for abundance is around in many forms. What you have sought has perhaps given you reason to wonder at the sanity of the universal intelligence. Opposites have come together and right now, the result is being concocted within your own heart. You stand at the edge of two completely different ways of experiencing reality. Have you learned yet that in duality, nothing tangible can result? Not without the magic of synthesis bringing manifestation into the dimension of life. The best way to proceed in bringing anything into being is for the mind to maintain full focus on the magic that’s happening, while being fully open and receptive to the divinity of light that perpetually streams from the higher mind of God. Whatever that means to you, the truth of love has its source, and it is this that’s bubbling in your inner sentience now. Remember that there is no limit to what you can experience, nor any end to the journey that leads toward the sovereign light of pure being. What you have now is the present moment, time’s measure poured into your cup. What you make of it is up to you.

LODESTONE: The Tower (reversed)

How tiresome it can be to witness the perpetuity of destruction in the world of the shared matrix called life. Have you seen enough? You have become expert in deciphering the story in the stacked bricks of the mental prison. However, have you learned how turning things upside-down can bring a liberating shift in perception? What has felt like being lost can be flipped into finding yourself on the way to the root of the problem. What an exhilarating feeling that can be! This week, find yourself mastering the art of reframing a tired old story. Instead of being blinded and blindsided, let the combustion of transformation propel you to higher ground. Letting go leads to freedom and an unlocking of potential. The support you feel you need is on its way to bring you the final lost piece of your mystery. Where you have seen only the rising structure of imposing blockage, you find the way open to a new kind of abundance. Everything takes on the tinge of a psychedelic frequency of light, so keep yourself on track to the core essence of source energy. This moment of reframing what you had come to know is like planting a seed alive and ready to burst forth with new life. Go for it, reach higher. Liberation.


Fairy-tale endings are written for the last page of books. Life goes on, teaching the wise that endings are new beginnings. New adventures await when the abundance of the heart is seen overarching above all in your world. Keep your sights high, and remember that the abundance you seek is merely the stepped-down energies of higher love. It doesn’t matter the trek that brought you to this shore. Rest a moment; reflect on the full spectrum of experience as the grand divine design, and see Nine adding something more to bring you to total awe. Find the fullness of your heart expanding in front of you to bring your dreams to fruition. The seed you planted in a moment of letting go of destructive habituations of interacting with the architect is going to bring delight right to your very spot. Already, new life, rejuvenated self-knowing are dancing at your feet. It’s come time to stand and see a brave new world before you. Look higher and let life’s abundance show how very loved you are.


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    I think it’s so creepy (in a magical way) how personal these weekly readings seem, even though they’re meant for a general audience. Such a relief to see things turning around for everyone. It’s been quite the ride.


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