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Weekly Message

Shifting to Deeper Currents

Summary: Time stands still and waits for you to triangulate yourself with love’s ever-present impetus. It asks you to consider fully releasing yourself from determination based on partial truths, to melt into the grander reality that underlies the surface of things. It challenges you to let go of those polarities you strive to hold at bay, to relinquish your seat of power in a tired old story, to dare to shift into a new alignment with what your Self reveals. A day of realized awareness is taking form. There’s still time to adjust your movements to the currents of a deeper divinity than you have yet encountered.

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Eight of Rods — 1 The Magician (reversed) — Ace of Cups

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

You can’t keep on with diametrically opposed storylines dying to converge, to end the tension. Adjust your movements to the currents of a deeper divinity. #pleiadian #divinity #transformation #worldchange Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Eight of Rods

While things are moving, and in a big way, with a lot of momentum behind them, they haven’t completely moved into full view. Some aspect of what’s happening isn’t yet revealed in its entirety. You have little to do but wait. All has been said and done, the die has been cast. It spins as if held in stasis, and with it, a collective breath is caught in a moment of time. Where will the die land? What will be the outcome? You can will it to move, to spin, to fall where you know in your bones is the right way. If you’re not aligned in your bones to the divine mind, however, you might be feeling the dregs of frustration lingering about. While you’re hanging around waiting for the chips to fall where they will, take a look around at the vast expanse of possibility around you. There’s a thaw happening, where before all the land seemed to be trapped in a frozen diatribe of determination. Nature has a way of remembering it’s alive; and human nature is no different. The collective of humankind, like the individuated awareness of each one, is determining its way, releasing and melting, retreating and crystallizing, with a fluid dynamic of realization of the moment’s impetus marking the edge of choice. There’s plenty of energy, despite the momentary sense of stillness. When the threads of time finally break loose, where will you be to receive what comes?

LODESTONE: 1 The Magician (reversed)

Are you really paying attention? It seems you are. To what, and in what way, is another question. Your attenuated focus has stripped bare the trappings of ideation about a certain matter or two. Look at what’s left. You’re right to have questions. What presents itself now is a way out of a locked and determined course of action. With the possibilities suddenly presenting themselves in a new order of logic, you can safely cast out the window what had been sure and tested. It might seem that you’ve come to the end of a way of life, that you’ve reached the last page of a book before the denouement has fully satisfied your curiosity about how things will play out. In fact, the author has something apocryphal in mind, an apotheosis of the hero and not an apocalyptic ending. Hidden passages appear as soon as you release your hold on the pages. You can’t keep on as you’ve been, with diametrically opposed storylines dying to converge, to put an end to the tension. At the point where yin becomes yang, and vice versa, Nine appears as if by magic. What’s at the crux, in the in-between of opposites, is your very own heart. If nothing else seems safe to believe in right now, at least you have that. You always have that. As strange as the moment may be, the heart will make sense of it all. Go there and learn what is being given.


Out of the miasm, the movement, the mystery of what at this moment is collapsing into a dimension out of time will arise something altogether new, yet as primordial as love itself. Deep beneath the foundation you discern is the magic of life, the true divinity of love giving form to that which is to be. Between the frozen tundra of hopelessness and the verdant fields of promise flows the ever-living stream of awareness. You are part of the consciousness that moves through the currents, that coheres the particulate matter of love into life lived with meaning. If you can’t comprehend this completely, attune into the act of allowing yourself to feel it. Do you trust the currents that move unseen, or are you wary of their origin and motive? Deeper yet, further than maneuvers can twist the threads of natural order, is love. Understand this is beyond the scientific model, more than even poetry can portray. While the spirit of human endeavor is to shape reality into a meaningful creation, the truth of love will always and ever permeate what has been wrought. It might take time. It only takes an instant. Love will make itself known, and with it will arise a higher consciousness, when all the streams of awareness come into alignment with what appears.


“Know that chaos serves OM, too, generating energy lost to the natural slowing of atomic nuclear decay, making radioactive energetic density lighter and lighter. Keep loving your Self by making more of your lost, quit, or radioactive real-time, solar-flare-like dimensional experiences into loving, alive, and holy healings. None of the pain you experience is ever wasted. More of Nine is being woven into your reality when pain activates a clearing out of stale and stagnant life-force restrictions and energizes a more harmonious landing pad instead. What is landing? Only a new view of yourself, reality, and life’s normal, natural course of machining your soul’s optimal current Now.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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