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Midweek Update

Naturally, Love Flows

In your hands… What is it about giving that feels so good? Is it the magnification of self that feeds your sense of purpose, being needed, playing a part? Is it a way of solidifying your presence within the realm of social relationship? Is it the look of joy, surprise, or shock in another person’s face when you play the agent of the unexpected? In all these scenarios and others you can imagine, you feel a kind of power that lifts your spirits, if you’re doing it right. That would be doing it with joy, unattached to outcome, reciprocity, or anything else that extends beyond the act itself. The irony in this is likely not lost to you; in selflessness is self realized. In letting go do you receive in big ways. It is an interaction of intangible consequence underlying the movement of giving and receiving where the real glory lies. It is the joy that is at the core of all mysteries, for this is the fundamental nature of love itself.

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Have you pondered how deep this irony goes? How, in receiving something that fills a need, tangible or spiritual as it may be, you are no heavier for the gain? How receiving can, in fact, make you lighter, less dense, more expanded? And how in giving, you feel no loss? Paradoxically, in giving, you can feel more fulfilled than in maintaining your as-is-ness. Ironies and paradoxes can serve as potent markers, pointing attention to seminal lessons on life’s journey to meaning. Stay a moment with such things, to allow apparent incongruencies to share some of the treasures they bear from the deep.

There is a machinery at work here, a flow, and it’s making itself very apparent right now. Subtleties aside, this is a moment in which flow is at a peak, yet so subtle are some of the movements that close attention is warranted. Don’t work this too hard, however. Be at ease in whatever currents you’re currently dealing with. This is where the magic is most discernible, the hand of God most apparent. See what it is writing on the inner walls of your heart’s temple. For this, be still, and again approach another paradox: in stillness, flow. In giving, receive. In receiving, bear joy in balance with trust in the fundamental nature of love. Trust love. Be its agent. Be its benefactor. Be it. In that is everything.

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