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If Six Was Nine, Would You Mind?

Summary: Are we seeing the opening of the floodgates of a new way of living in prosperity? We are seeing a shift, and if we look high enough, the beginnings of promising growth from seeds well planted with joy. Where once there was need, there is a hint of the end of greed, and a surprise of benevolence breaking through from the powerful levels of the material world. If you’ve found yourself seeing things from a new perspective, perhaps it’s time to accept that what you’re seeing is something you need to acknowledge. Take a bold step, see the problems from a new angle, and you may be surprised to discover that divinity is in fact moving through the matters at hand. The problems of Six, with a shift in perspective, can become the magic of Nine. It’s time to let go and move into the shift.

Six of Pentacles — The Hanged Man (reversed) — Six of Swords (reversed)

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FOUNDATION: Six of Pentacles

Once upon a time, the riches of the world were given with joy, and need soon ceased to exist. However, the stark reality that underlies that fairy tale is that some are in desperate need. In some way, we all feel like we have to beg for something… that there’s something to pray for, if not for ourselves then for another. Those with power, prestige, and pentacles (material wealth) are beginning to break the bank, and new forms of wealth creation are reaching those who reach for it. Are all the problems solved? Not yet. But the growth of new beneficence is showing verdant promise. The industry of new modes of maintenance in the physical world is young, yet burgeoning. The abundance that’s in store promises goods aplenty, in balance and in time. In the Science of Nine, Six represents finding the way out of conflict and chaos from within.

LODESTONE: The Hanged Man (reverse)

With all the upside-downing of the recent weeks, many are finding themselves with a completely new perspective. Perhaps not fully grounded, yet finding a foothold in perfect balance nonetheless. An aura of epiphany surrounds us at this moment of realization at hand, and a new clarity. It’s time now to unlock yourself, take that step forward that you’re holding back. It’s also time to come clean with what you’re hiding. You’re looking in the mirror now, and there are no tricks you can hide from yourself for long. Loosen yourself from what you have defined as your post, cross the threshold that’s in front of you, and bend a little. What you may be keeping yourself from reaching for might be the thing that you most want, deep down in your inner knowing. Do you recognize it? Do you want it? You’re the only one holding yourself back.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Six of Swords (reversed)

When you stand on your head and look at a Six, you see a Nine. In the Science of Nine, that’s seeing the divine. The movement of spirit, of divine breath — the trick of the treat — is in Nine’s path. How is that appearing in your world right now? In the unexpected movement, in the revelations your mind presents to you as you allow yourself to follow the flow of a new and promising current. The way forward to a land of new promise lay in recognizing that you have to dislodge yourself from the familiar. Can you honor that movement as it happens in your personal situation? Can you honor that as it happens holographically on a larger scale of life? In the recognition, the passage is open.

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