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The Dam Breaks

Summary: What is this power you hold in your hand? What have you to say about what you see, and how you see it? It is nothing less than the renewal of your mind in this moment, carving from the gloom a pathway for light to find you. Everything may seem in disarray, but that is merely the nature of change demonstrating to you the raw material available for you to use for your own redefining moment. What was has come to a point of revealing the inner secrets of its nature. No great drama need unseat your wise inner knowing, however. Just be ready for what comes from the depths of being to remind you it’s time to expand.

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Ace of Swords — The High Priestess (reversed) — Page of Cups

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

What was reveals secrets of its nature. No great drama need unseat your wise inner knowing. Be ready for what comes from the depths: it's time to expand. #pleiadian #divinity #worldchange Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Ace of Swords

Piercing through the clouded collective mind of humanity now comes inspired meaning from deep within. You’ve got an understanding of what’s going on, whether that has to do with the collective or with your own detailed existence as an individual. Either way, there’s little doubt that something is happening in your mind. That “something” is tearing through the obfuscation that’s heavily lain on the screen of your personal observation deck. Steady nerves and a focused intent have finally made their appearance. It seemed, at least for a time, that clarity had somehow slipped through your fingers. Now, however slender it may be, you’ve got a sharp blade in your hand and you are using it to cut through the covering clouds. Just when you need it, a light appears. Dazzling, isn’t it, in reflection on the polished steel of your refreshed mind? Let go of anything that’s left to let go of, now that you have a sense of your own self, strong and forthright. You do have what it takes to get to the next level of understanding. You do have the sense to move in the direction of wisdom, and the courage to disengage from what has been shielding you from the nourishment of the ever-present light of life. Every day represents a new opportunity, even more so now that long-lingering, low-hanging shadows retreat. You have a clear sense of what it is to face your fear and see yourself anew.

LODESTONE: The High Priestess (reversed)

Now that you’ve pierced the gloom, reality sets in. What once was at least somewhat stable, even for all its inbuilt instability, at least was familiar. You knew what you were dealing with. Now, the screen is being pulled back, and you can get a look at the secret workings. Don’t worry if you can’t make heads or tails of it. You don’t need to be at expert level when it comes to handling what is, for all appearances, a totally new system of operational mechanics. When the mind is overwhelmed, you can always go with your intuition. If even that seems to be pointing all over the place, relax. Your inner compass will settle into magnetic north again, but you’re going to have to let go of the idea that you have to figure out where, exactly, that’s supposed to be. Remember, this is a new scene. Nothing is supposed to be familiar. Yet, at the same time, you might have a sense that it’s the way it’s supposed to be. In due time, you will be able to make better sense of it all. For now, know that the cat is out of the bag, and with it comes a lot of previously hidden information. Too much to deal with, at times? Rest. You might have little choice but to do just that. Don’t be afraid of what your dreams show you. It’s high time you let those deep revelations come out. They may not have any bearing on what’s to come, but they will help you let go of what has been, without feeling like you’ve missed anything important. You really do know what you’re doing, when you trust yourself.


When things do begin to form a more cohesive picture, you might be surprised at what you see. What you’ve been holding in your heart could bear a message as if from another world altogether. Pay attention, because the world you knew is undergoing major renovations. Waves of change are sweeping the land, and the space between solid ground and the next shore. What had been necessarily has to relinquish its place on the map. Let nature do its thing. As much as the inner world and outer world are intertwined, you’ll be dealing with your own revelatory new landscape. What you have as a cradle of opportunity is showing you something new. Can you allow yourself to be astonished by the creative potential now reminding you that you have a very deep world within yourself that has come to the surface to speak? Can you let that surge of breath that fills your body to enliven your sense of enthusiasm? You’ll be encouraged to open your heart more widely than you’re used to. It will all be fine, as it’s time to shift what’s shrouded your spirit. You’ll feel rejuvenated for it, maybe to the extent that you feel you have a new lease on life. Let what rises in your awareness now, from the depths of your sacredness, speak. Listen. Take in the story, for it is an aspect of your own self that bears inspirational news from the frontiers of your soul’s district. Are you ready for expansion? Unexpectedly, it arrives.


“Sadly, he could not in that moment remember his dreams, so, tired of authority despite his professed loyalty toward its earthly manifestation, he silently, secretly determined that if ever there was a time to dream a new dream, it was upon him now. It was an opportunity he had been waiting for, though it had never occurred to him that it would ever truly materialize. So he packed his things and left the life he had known to embark on a life he had never before imagined possible.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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