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Keeping on the Path

Waiting at the Edge of Time

The world’s been at arm’s reach and it seems like what light had been in your space is sinking into darkness. What’s that you see in the distance, though? You’ve had time to let your vision adjust to limiting circumstances, and what had been hazy in the far away has settled a little more comfortably in your sight. Time has stood still and space has collapsed into another dimension of experience. What you have in the aftermath of such a profound change is nothing less than a new topography to graph with your mind. As memory of what was fades in the red glow of low angles of light, new realizations arise. A liquiefied terrain moves before you, yet separate from you. Something altogether different is forming in the undercurrents. Are you wise to obey the limits of what has been delineated for you? It’s not as if you would perish if you set foot over that low barrier. After all, you can still see where you’re going. It’s just that what used to be has become redefined. Wait a bit longer for reality to codify.

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No one likes being told what to do. Not without good reason. The bricks that lay stacked at your feet, blocking access, sit mute and faceless. Carvings upon the surface trace out ideas about the meaning of their appearance, yet they have not dug past the outer layer of stone. You can spend your time trying to decode the cryptic patterns clever minds have been scratching into the wall; this will certainly give your mind something to do in the meantime as you wait for the sun to finish its dive over the edge of the horizon. You can even give yourself some part in the collective activity of cracking the code, at least until you realize the bricks are stacked with purpose and will remain until the architect provides the key to unlocking them. Meanwhile, they serve as a canvas for tracing the code. Eventually, the lines will come together and the structure give way. For now, you can rise and stretch, for the shifting landscape will soon settle and you have an idea it’s something you’ll want to witness. You have the strength of your two legs beneath you to lift you up. The sky is clear for the moment. It’s safe to take a deep look from where you stand. If you do decide to shift your perspective, know that you still have your own world safe around you, at least for now.

Especially if you’ve been busy looking at the minutiae of the intricate decoding that’s on the screen in front of your nose, taking a longer view will relax your inner vision, your inner state, and let you take in what you see without tension. The balance that’s been available to you has come to be something you trust. The picture has turned around and given you everything you need to find your equanimity, without going out chasing after some approximation of it elsewhere. You’ve got a better grasp on what this world has been about. If that’s still somewhat of a mystery to you, know that your peripheral vision can take in the intimations as the details come together. Soon you’ll be able to see it clearly. For now, relax your vision. Feel your stability, perhaps newfound, perhaps redefined. Before the new day dawns, the old day has to come to its natural conclusion. The change in the sky as the sun sets takes a while to happen. Shifting colors caress the clouds and rays of tinted light trace their messages across the twilight atmosphere. Take your position to witness the show. Nature beckons you to see what comes next. Steady yourself where you are within this zero point. Stay calm in the air of expectancy, and know that what comes is on its way.

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