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Time to Face the Music

Summary: You might be realizing how much can happen at once when your wishes start to come true all at once. You’ve come far, nurturing your dreams dutifully, to this moment when, as time stands still, you see how much fruit they can bear. Some of those wishes for a better world are coming true in unexpected ways. You’re witnessing the slow-motion demolition of all that will not stand in the new architecture of a revised reality. In the light that’s released, what you really have wanted all along will become more apparent from within your heart. A quest for contentment with what is nears fulfillment.

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Seven of Pentacles — The Tower (reversed) — Knight of Cups (reversed)

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

You're witnessing the slow-motion demolition of all that will not stand in the architecture of a revised reality. A quest for contentment nears fulfillment. #pleiadian #divinity #worldchange Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Seven of Pentacles

Well, you still have some things to do. Give yourself a minute to feel the support of your tools. All you’ve invested in hasn’t let you down, even if at times it feels like you haven’t made much of it. Were you to turn and look at what you’ve accomplished with the might of your own will and your trust in what has been given to you, you’d see the wide-open expanse of a fully-lit life. It’s true, you know. Right now, you might be too tired to care. You’ve got what’s right there in front of you to deal with. If that’s the case, just trust that behind you is the manifestation of your desire for clarity and meaningfulness. If you don’t appreciate it, those who are looking past your shoulder can see the full glory of where you’ve come from. They might be waiting to be loosened from where they are, for the moment, stuck behind a barricade where time and meaning have yet to collide. If you can just keep going, once you’ve collected yourself, you will be on your way to that glorious future you that you’re eager to meet. For now, though, you’ve got input to sort through, tasks to complete, loose ends to trim up and a moment in time to give shape to. You will manage to do it all. You’ve proved over the top that you’ve got what it takes to get by, even if you’ve messed up a time or two. Nature has a way of absorbing even the most toxic of circumstances, and the detritus of your life is no exception. Time is busy healing. Trust in the core conduit of your being to handle all the things coming at you now.

LODESTONE: The Tower (reversed)

As you take in all the various energies and manifestations that seem to be happening in every direction you turn, remember that you wanted things to change. And they are, for the better. However, at the moment, while the edifice that’s been in place, for better or worse, is crumbling, all you might see is falling rocks. Change happens in an instant, but the manifold nature of reality expresses it in a coordinated, multi-layered fashion. In the midst of it, that coordination might seem more like chaos, but consider the experience of being in the center of a vibrating string. Chaotic. Bring your awareness back to take in more of what’s happening, and you notice the vibration blends into the strains of a symphony of frequency. Layered in counterpoint and dynamic harmonies, what at the micro is mayhem at the macro is music. You might not be able to appreciate that fullness of coordinated expressiveness of change just yet. In fact, the key is modulating. It must, to fit the lock that time has fashioned for this particular movement within the masterfully crafted whole. Rising intensity matches rising frequencies, awareness lights hitherto darkened recesses of mental constructs and tears asunder that which will not hold what now emerges from a shadowed past. Within this moment, savor what is by knowing that it portends what is to be. The crown has released itself from where it had been held in captivity by nefarious intent. As this drives its point home, attune to the light it heralds.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Knight of Cups (reversed)

After the dust settles, you’ll have time to reflect on what’s been happening. Despite the valor with which you’ve carried yourself and your principles, you might have to contemplate the fact that all you come out of it with is what you came in with. Accomplishments aside, there really is no other treasure but your holy crucible of love’s strange workings. That soul you carry, that you indeed are, that rides within your beingness is calling you to reflect on what it has been waiting to offer you. Reflect on that. Let it absorb your mind. You’ve traveled far, even though you haven’t really gone anywhere of note. Take a look, for the distillation of your experience mirrors to your eyes what your soul has been saving for this moment, just ahead. The light of what’s currently exploding the shell of reality will fall on your heart so that you may see clearly what it is that you hold as your own self. What messages arise? What mysteries? Maintain your focus, aware of your higher mind now fully enabled, and direct those impulses to fall in line with your rhythm. Multiple elements are coming together to function as a whole. Steady, now, there’s only one thing, among everything, that you need to do. It’s right in front of you, gleaming with heavenly light. What has been will soon be no more. What lay ahead, for now, is shielded from your view. Your best bet for navigating onward is to see what your heart tells you is true, and follow that. In the clearing, its truth will be evident.


“Cost of losing a souvenir collection really has no meaning. Cost of holding on to it is big. Up until a short time ago, you wouldn’t have thought about drastic changes bringing you any ‘need’ for souvenir hunting. Now, too much has changed for you not to urge yourself to pick up a trinket here and there. It is a way to maintain continuity with what has come before, a way to stay rooted in an idea about who you are. You need no thing to give you an identity. You need no quaint reminder to feel bold about what came after that which came before. You are still here and playing a new arrangement of energy. You really are.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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