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Truth Is Telling

Summary: If it seems like things are going wrong, and the whole world has come undone, remember: it’s just setting aright what had been artificially constructed as reality. In truth, the world is turning upside down, but just to get into alignment with bigger truth. It’s a return to essential normalcy, and to right-side-up. The foundation becomes inverted and humanity is allowed to rise like never before. In your core, find this balance of truth, and reflect with clarity the just end to what should never have been permitted. Realize you’re actually on your feet and doing well with what life has presented to you. As you show others your truth, show them the beauty and delight that dwells within them, just as you have discovered it through your own coming to rights from chaos.

The Tower (reversed) — Justice — Six of Cups

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot truth

FOUNDATION: The Tower (reversed)

A definite break with the way things were has reached an almost anticlimactic moment. Strange though things may seem, stranger still the effect on the mind, as if all of reality is turning upside down. The upside-down-ness is actually a shifting of polarity. Could it be that by turning reality on its head, allowing the rupture to happen, we find our way back to a kind of normalcy? Perhaps not “normal” in the way we are accustomed to thinking about things, but a setting aright of core situations. The elements of time and space come together now to redefine our understanding. In the shakeup, rise. What has held for ages as core values of human civilization remain viable. As we return to our roots, we see that in fact the core of our human family tree is breaking up structures that had held the human spirit imprisoned. It is time for our unveiling, and all of creation is in support of our ascendance.


Within our very being, we know what is right. We know what is true. It is within our ability to comprehend the true balance of what we see as real that our vindication waits to be revealed. We have witnessed much, from situation to situation and across lifetimes of living in the matrix of world affairs. Now, we stand ready to recognize the truth of the matter. What do you face in this moment which requires straightforward, clear thought to reflect the truth to you… and from within you? In what way are you prepared to present your truth, so matters may rest in equilibrium? This is the way to peace. You need not take drastic action now, although to you, it may seem a bit alien to don the cape of bringer of justice, normalcy, and truth. The silent poise of total clarity of mind as a mirror of essential truth is enough to capture anyone’s attention. What you see is what you beget.


Last week, the Six of Cups appeared in reverse in this position of the spread, suggesting we lean on trusted guides and take time turning attention to the future. This week, that same card appears upright, and that makes a world of difference. You have done well to turn your attention to matters that have threatened to stifle verdant growth within the upset of current circumstances. Having tended cultivation of positive growth from chaotic conditions, you find your feet under you again. Maintain focus on finding the beauty in your heart. Truly, the discovery of life within yourself at times of great change is the epitome of delight. Now that you have your heart aligned with life’s offering, are you ready to show others the way, too? In sharing life’s light truly from the heart, there really is no “outside” of one’s comfort zone. Once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll find it all around you, and in everyone.


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