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Keep the Joy of Your Blue Skies

Summary: Joy is your nature, your essence. It’s the thing that connects you to the light of love that knows you in this world. Carry your blue sky with triumph and total trust in the way you are going. Connected with the source of life, you see joy all around you, reflected even in the midst of turmoil. If you are unable to find it in the landscape, remember that you carry it within yourself. Hold it as the treasure it is. Rely on that joy, that connection to carry you through a period of feeling cut off from home. Your best way forward is to focus on what you possess in your heart. Your obstacle is surmountable when you lean on love.

The Sun — Queen of Cups — Six of Cups (reversed)

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot joy


The innocent ride in triumph forward into center-stage this week. Purity carries them safely through the process of their coming forth from a rocky time. What has been overlooked before presents itself fully prepared to be welcomed into the world’s arms. Witnessed in complete poise, a newly awakened aspect of humanity holds aloft a new standard. Bathed in the glow of eons of ancestral love, we proceed in composure, joy, and willingness to greet what lay just ahead on our path. Despite the pains of transformation, of coming into a new and perhaps more vulnerable relationship with the world, we are surrounded by reminders and reflections of the source of life’s constant regeneration. We will carry on, perhaps with less of what we had to define us, perhaps without much in the way of things owned. The essence of our joy undiminished, the way forward holds a promise that the inner self, connected with the eternal self, recognizes instantly.

LODESTONE: Queen of Cups

We’re encouraged at this moment to pause at the edge of turning tide and uncertainty, and look deeply into our inner state of being. Having come askew a bit from the normalcy of recognizable 3-D reality, things may seem strange, unreal, unsettled. Despite what chaos churns bubbles of unreality around you, no matter what obscures the light of day, remain composed. Focus on what you possess within, and look there for guidance. You cannot change what has happened. Your attempts to redirect the winds of change will leave you cold. You still possess this moment, your warm humanity; the light of divine understanding yet shines within your heart. Hold on to that as the most precious thing, that nascent joy, and receive in peace what you discover therein.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Six of Cups (reversed)

Finding a home in the topsy-turvy land of emotional turmoil may prove to be a bit blocked, for a while. While you may have had great plans, there is still some time before everything is ready for a new settled-ness to settle in. Right now, and for the near future, you’ll need to lean on trusted guides. Cling to the ones who radiate warmth, who carry the light of the sun in their eyes. Find this within yourself. Those who have a higher connection to the conscious source of light are the ones who will not waver. It is in resting within that embrace that you will find the solace that will carry you through. You know this already, so be at peace with what you have in front of you to do. What separates you from where you can feel truly at home is only a minor, if very opaque, obstacle. Rather than focus on that, keep your attention entrained on the sunshine and blue skies that you remember. Let that carry you through, that and your essential nature of joy.


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