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Behold, the Machinery of Transformation

So many things… How much can you handle at once? The machinery of transformation has kicked into gear. With information, ideas, and inspiration hurtling into your conscious space at a rapid rate, it’s easy to understand momentary bouts of confusion. Overwhelm is not necessary, however. If you step back and take a broad look at things, you might notice that they all seem to be lining up in some semblance of order. This is something that you can handle, but not all at once. This is a time of intensity in all things, when you have multiple streams of information coming at you and a lot of 3-D things to take care of. Relax and realize that you don’t actually have to do them all at once. It only appears that way. In fact, the energies are lining up quite nicely to hand off to you what you need to accomplish at any given moment. The trick right now is to be aware of that, and be flexible enough to switch off at a moment’s notice. This way, you can maneuver yourself to the space where the current will come to rest.

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What feels like an onslaught can be easily reappraised. Take a step back and get some perspective. What you’re dealing with right now is a multiplicity of catalysts, each one pistoning you toward forward movement along your path. You’re in the midst of the machinery of transformation, right now. It’s a finely-tuned engine constructed by the mastermind of the soul. Like any piece of precision engineering, everything will work out fine as long as there’s nothing to gum up the works. Fear, doubt, and hesitation will only impede the natural flow of energy. Free movement is only possible if you let such heavy sludge disintegrate, and get out of the way. There’s really nothing you can do at this point to rearrange what’s been put into motion. Not without entangling yourself and derailing everything. Your best course of action right now is to remain still and centered in a state of observation and response. Whatever you do, do it with zen-like calm and laser focus.

If there’s any one thing to do now, it’s to trust yourself. The processes that have been designated into engagement are emerging from the depths of a hidden and intricate design. The threads of change are streaming toward a renewed and redefined reality, a higher state of mind free from the obstructions and obfuscations that had been crafted for them to maintain. Free from the future, a new energy is ready to break into the world of your mind, and into the world at large. A backward look will reassure you that higher intelligence is at work. What feels like delay is a clue that you have other things to attend to. Feel your way through this and take things one at a time. This is part of the machinery of transformation. It has a mind of its own, yet it is in perfect accord with your own journey. It may just be time to nod to your own inner knowing that everything will indeed be all right. Trust is the name of the game now. Trust yourself above all, and dance with the emergent forces of life, light, and liberation.

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