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Clear State of Mind

Summary: There’s something to be said for this clear state of mind that’s possible right now. Having done the inner work, the outer fruits start to appear. Be careful not to lose yourself in busywork, nor to linger over-long waiting for the perfect moment to appear to jump into action. With a little faith, you’ll find you’re already on a new path. Trust where it’s taking you. Eyes and heart open, you’re on your way!

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Ace of Pentacles — The Hanged Man (reversed) — The Fool

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You've cultivated a clear state of mind. Your work shifts into manifestation. Your ideas take form. Are you expending extra effort to make this happen? #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Ace of Pentacles

With your mind free of debris and integration working on deep levels, you have the mental space now to work on making things happen. Now you can start to notice things happening. If there’s ever been a time for positive thinking, it’s now, because now, with a clear state of mind and relaxed vision, you are more closely entrained with the universal flow. What you’ve been working toward starts to shift into manifestation. Your ideas begin to take form. Are you expending extra effort to make this happen? Not really. If you’re putting extra effort into anything, it’s in calming your state of mind and allowing. Sometimes, that can be work, especially when there’s a lot of turmoil around and within you. Those days are waning, however, and you’re moving into a more fully functional version of You. These are the days of promises becoming fulfilled, even gifts being given. Don’t expect everything to happen overnight, but if you pay attention, you will see the beginnings of great things coming into your reality. Stick to the plan, and refine it where necessary. It’s going to be a great support in maintaining that clear state of mind.

LODESTONE: The Hanged Man (reversed)

You’re ready. Are you ready? What you’ve been waiting for is starting to stir within you with rumblings of life. While the behemoth of destiny raises its head, you busy yourself with tasks. What won’t you do to remain in the dance? Soon, the behemoth’s eyes will be level with yours, staring into the depths of your soul. It’s best to be fully rested for such an encounter. Pushing yourself too hard to keep up with the movement of the music that’s modulating ever higher in tone and intensity is bringing you dangerously close to the brink of falling over the edge of what’s reasonable action right now. Act, yes, but mindfully. Use the clear state of mind you’ve been cultivating to bring clarity to your purpose. It might be worth unplugging until the mists have dissipated and the grounding is firm beneath you. Then you’ll be ready to jump with both feet planted firmly and a new direction awaiting your arrival. Until then, remain still within the center of activity, streamline your breath, move with it toward the desired goal, and prepare. Hint: The clearest directions arise from within. Tune in rather than tuning out.


This path you recently found yourself on is one of growth and evolvement. Your inner state is one of sunshine and roses, increasingly, as you surrender into the forward movement of fate. It feels good to have lightened your load, doesn’t it? You need nothing to weigh down that new spring in your step. In the days to come, that sunshine will follow you from where you first sensed its dawning. If you’ve allowed integration to follow its natural course from last week’s message of rebirth, you’ll soon find yourself footloose and fancy-free on the road of adventure. Where will it lead? The fool’s journey is one of meeting the unexpected with faith and a wide-open heart. Greet what comes with joy, for within every experience is a treasure of love’s mystery to be found. In fact, you probably have already figured this out, which explains why you face the days to come unafraid. The fool’s path, after all, is Nine’s path, and leads to the heart of home.


An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity, for this week:

“Say bringing a new reality into being, knowing, and experiencing is your aim. Getting started is only a matter of believing it can be done. How luck helps is only a matter of faith in your own belief in divine order and benevolent cooperation of all that is, as directed by divine mind, which will become more apparent as love grows for yourself. So, you believe in a better world, then you believe in a divine order. Knowledge of making reality is not dependent upon a divine living entity or on an energy loving though coldly separate from the world you inhabit. Such notions are part of the problem you now face, but can easily be remedied. Reality is brought into being by your thought and the thought of others of like mind. Add to that emotional intensity, and you are in business. However, as luck would have it, not all realities are beneficial to the continuation of benevolent co-creation. You are free to alter your reality at any time, and many do. However, many simply swap one crippled reality for another. How to arrive at one that benefits all and doesn’t bother any is as simple as one, two, three… all the way to nine.”

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